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Food & Dairy Products Portfolio

Please find the right solution for you by selecting either the product or the packaging style.
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CS300 Series
CS300 Series
CS300 Series equipment performs cartoning of hard soup cubes from flat blanks. Available with a variety of infeed arrangements, these machines manage up to 250 boxes/min in different sizes
Automatic cartoning for soup cubes
timer Up to 250 cartons/minute
The CS300F automatic cartoning machine, available in a variety of infeed arrangements, handles square and rectangular portions of processed cheese, using flat blanks which are wrapped around pre-formed bundles
Automatic cartoning for small to medium sized products
timer Up to 75 cartons/minute
SF Series
SF Series
The SF1 and SF100 are both automatic cartoning machines for triangular portions of processed cheese in round boxes suited to the required bundle configuration (4 layers max)
Cheese packaging made perfect
timer Up to 75 boxes/minute
Designed to insert square or rectangular wrapped cheese portions into pre-formed carton trays, the RV50 is placed downstream a wrapping machine feeding portions arranged on a single lane via a conveyor belt
Efficient and reliable
timer Up to 100 trays/minute
The AB8 is a wrap-around solution for boxing butter or yeast, drawing on flat blanks, which are sealed using hot-melt glue on the end flaps
Butter and yeast, bundled and boxed
timer Up to 80 boxes/minute
AD8 Series
AD8 Series
The AD8 Series is a wrap-around solution for the packaging of soup cubes fed from an upstream dosing machine. By taking flat blanks, the machine forms cartons with tucked-in end flaps and glued longitudinal seams
Efficient cartoning for soup cubes
timer Up to 600 cartons/minute
The AD8F is a wrap-around solution for the packaging of square and rectangular portions of processed cheese. By taking flat blanks, the machine forms cartons with tucked-in end flaps and glued longitudinal seams
Efficient cartoning for non-triangular portions of processed cheese
timer Up to 120 cartons/minute
The EB80 applies paper sealing bands with an easy-to-open tear string around round boxes containing triangular portions of processed cheese. As an optional feature, the EB80 will apply round paper labels to box lids
The secure banding solution with lid label option
timer Up to 75 boxes/minute
An ideal complement to high-speed filling equipment or buffering systems granting excellent line efficiency, the compact FTC578-C vertical cartoner is designed to enable huge machine configuration flexibility and later implementation of a liner system
High-speed handling and maximum modularity
Able to handle a huge variety of packaging types and shapes, FTC570 is a continuous vertical cartoner for large products and in bulk format. Can be equipped with different counting, data coding, rejection and infeed solutions.
Versatile, for enhanced productivity
Perfectly suited to processing traditional as well as new packaging shapes, the FTC530 is a continuous motion high-speed cartoner for flat blanks, featuring a large carton magazine for three times greater capacity than standard.
Zero-tolerance sleeving
Continuous motion cartoner. DYNAMICA Series multipurpose continuous motion cartoner is available in three versions, according to the product specifications, carton dimension sizes and speed. It grants the maximum versatility in terms of applications, infeed systems and carton size range.
Beyond the limit of the maximum flexibility
timer Up to 400 cartons/min
Built to process square or rectangular portions of processed cheese, the AF4 collects flat blanks from the magazine and automatically wraps them around the pre-formed bundles of cheese portions
Cartoning made simple
timer Up to 75 cartons/minute
Designed for the cartoning of square and rectangular portions of processed, fresh or cream cheese, the A452F is a highly reliable, flexible solution
Flexible and dependable
timer Up to 80 cartons/minute
Intermittent or continuous motion cartoner. FLEXA Series includes intermittent and continuous motion versions to better satisfy your demands according to the product to be packed. With FLEXA you choose the maximum flexibility and ergonomics in the most compact machine.
Space-saving design for whatever product to be packed
timer Up to 180 cycles/min
Intermittent motion cartoner. X1 Series multipurpose intermittent motion cartoner, is the best price/performance ratio solution in its product range. Thanks to the use of both mechanical and robotized feeding systems, it can handle the widest product variants range in the market.
X1, love at first sight
timer Up to 140 cartons/min
IC 150C – IC 175C
IC 150C – IC 175C
Intermittent motion cartoner. High flexibility in feeding, thanks to the compatibility with many different feeding systems.
Choose your product, choose your speed
timer Up to 150 cartons/min
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