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IMA in the Tea and Beverage market

Decades of experience in packaging technologies and the broadest coverage of the tea and beverage sectors will make IMA your privileged partner for the most effective solutions and the deepest understanding of your real needs.

Tea & Beverage Updates

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Highly specialized brands

IMA is the world leader in tea bagging machines with a 70% market share: in fact two thirds of the world’s tea bags are produced on the machines designed and manufactured by IMA Tea & Herbs Division.

In 2017, IMA acquires majority shares in Mai S.A.U. and together they form the new IMA MAISA brand.
Merging the strengths of two leading names in the teabag packaging sector opens the door to a host of new business opportunities, strategic marketing initiatives and important industrial synergies.

IMA RI Division’s mission is to be a complementary partner for IMA Tea & Herbs Division in the overhauled machine market as well as in the production of new tea bag packaging machines.

IMA Fillshape division manufactures and designs filling systems for flexible stand-up pouches with and without spout for dairy, food, beverage and personal care sectors.

IMA TT is a division of IMA Group based on high quality products. IMA TT decided to join the beverage market offering a creative approach, as well as a large production capability.

IMA BFB provides secondary packaging machines and end-of-line machines. Its bundling and wrapping machines, case packers, palletizers and depalletizers are aimed to suit the most demanding market.

An exSTRAWrdinary come back to the future

In the sixties, the revolution of plastic material was the beginning of the end for paper straws. Today, greater awareness about pollution, biodegradability and recyclability is pushing the market to come back to a renewable material like paper.

Base on that, IMA T&T division has decided to develop a new automatic line: from paper strips to bended straws wrapped on a ladder band.

Service Solutions • Because we care

Throughout the entire equipment lifecycle, IMA guarantees on-site technical assistance to ensure minimal downtime, thus safeguarding your productivity.

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