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Mai S.A.U.: 40 years of history

Created as MaiSA on July 1, 1976 by Pablo Enrique Mai, the primary objective of this well-known company specialising in teabag packaging equipment was that of becoming undisputed leader in the niche market for single chamber teabags. Over 3500 machines sold worldwide, with a dominant market position in Latin America and a consolidated distribution network across Africa and South East Asia, are proof of the company’s excellent reputation for reliable, well-built, cost-efficient solutions.

Present day. IMA and Mai S.A.U. today

Offering IMA a significant foothold in South America, this partnership gives both companies an extensive global presence. Customers will now benefit from a broader offering, closer support and solutions based on a wider experience leading to solutions which will respond even more appropriately to specific needs.

EC 15
Simply a double chamber.

  • Up to 150 bags per minute
  • Knot technology
  • Non heatsealable filter paper
  • Compact lay-out
  • Filter bag conformity control
  • Pc programmable control
  • Electronic counting