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IMA RI • A complementary partner for IMA Tea & Herbs Division

Offering a qualified service center for overhaul and maintenance as well as brand new tea bag packaging machines

IMA RI Division’s mission is to be a complementary partner for IMA Tea & Herbs Division in the overhauled machine market as well as in the production of new tea bag packaging machines.
Situated close to IMA headquarters, it counts more than 35 employees. Since 2003, more than 250 tea bag machines have been overhauled by IMA RI division.

Quality overhauled machines

IMA provides customers with a highly qualified service centre which performs overhaul and maintenance on a selection of  teabag packaging machines in order to provide a solution for companies in search of high-performance equipment at competitive prices. 

Overhaul is carried out by IMA RI Division, using exclusively original parts. This ensures full compatibility and integration with each machine and guarantees the same performance levels as for new equipment. Moreover, IMA RI is the only entity able to replace old machine parts and groups with new and updated ones by availing themselves of technical improvements developed by IMA.

Overhauling options

Customers can choose between a full overhaul and a partial revision, deciding on whether they require an immediate replacement or await revision of the existing machine.

  • An entire overhaul carried out on our premises takes up to 3-4 months.
  • partial revision on our premises takes between 2 and 3 months. When carried out directly at the customer’s premises by skilled technicians, this option avoids shipping costs and minimises production losses.

A third option enables customers to purchase a fully overhauled machine in exchange for their old one with a buy-back agreement. This ensures minimal production loss.

Overhauling procedure

  • Complete disassembly and washing of all machine parts
  • mechanical parts control, external heat-treatment, re-painting of the parts
  • assembly of the machine and replacement of any worn parts with original IMA spares
  • Updating of the machine on the basis of IMA’s latest technological developments
  • installation of a new updated electrical panel, re-wiring including hardware and software upgrade.
  • Electrical system overhaul and installation of the new electrical panel including all recent devices applied by IMA to new machines.
  • Final testing of the machine using packaging materials supplied by the end customer.

C23: Back to the future

The traditional double chamber filter bag produced on the C23 maintains exactly the same shape and features even after machine upgrade with knotting group

New Tea Bag Packaging machines

Following Teamac’s business sector acquisition by Revisioni Industriali in December 2015, IMA RI continues to develop, manufacture and supply new packaging machines for tea and herb products. Consolidated machine models, MD20 and MD20 PLUS represent today’s offer.  IMA RI division offers prompt and direct support for spare parts and skilled technical assistance.