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IMA machines incorporate the latest developments in technology and are designed to ensure the highest production efficiency with low maintenance input. To help our customers obtain top performance and maximum safety from our machines, IMA recommends technical training courses for personnel from Production (Operators, Technicians and Supervisors), R&D, Process Transfer Department and the Maintenance Department.

Training courses can be organised at IMA’s site or at the customer’s plant and are held by qualified IMA technicians. They provide instructions for the customer’s staff on how to operate the machine and maintain it in perfect working condition and how to carry out troubleshooting procedures in the easiest, fastest possible way.

Our Training Courses are tailor-made and modular, in order to fulfill all customer needs; special attention is given to the customised units fitted to the machine and to the best and most effective way of dealing with any situation which may arise during machine operation.

During the training sessions our experts explain the correct use of the documentation supplied with the machine.

An Attendance Certificate is issued for all participants who successfully complete their assessment tests.

Basic training

The basic training programme is composed of practical activities on a specific machine, with responsibility for ensuring that it runs in compliance with specified parameters.

During basic training participants learn how to obtain the  maximum performance from their IMA machine and all necessary measures are taken to ensure familiarity of use of on-board devices.

The program includes practical use of the machine and its components by recreating actual operating conditions, as well as the resolution of the most common issues, with a resulting increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Routine maintenance operations, format changes, cleaning and washing the equipment, and operating the equipment in manual mode complete the practical knowledge of the machine operators.

Intermediate training

The intermediate training programme is composed of theoretical classroom sessions and practical activities on a specific machine. In addition to a hands-on training on the machine and recreating actual operational situations – such as routine maintenance, format changes, cleaning and washing the equipment, and operating in manual mode – a classroom training session is also offered during which the participants improve their knowledge of the procedures detailed in the original IMA documentation and learn to perform them correctly on the machine. The teaching material used in the classroom is specially tailored for the purpose of the course.