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This is IMA Pharma. This is the All-In-One.

One supplier takes care of the complete line, the entire process. Achieving real innovation requires the complete interaction of every single element. It means creating an environment where people, equipment and technology come together in perfect synergy.

Pharma Updates

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From beginning to endless solutions. Expand your vision of syringe-cycle.

The synergy between IMA Life, IMA Safe and IMA BFB ensures a complete range of syringe filling, assembling and packaging machines like never before.

Continuous Manufacturing to believe in.

Continuous Manufacturing underpins the improvement of pharmaceutical products in terms of potency, effectiveness and safety by means of accurate process control.

INJECTA 36. Increasing your potential

Enhancing the performance of advanced robotics, the INJECTA 36 raises the bar for high-speed production of Ready-To-Use components.

Highly specialized divisions

IMA’s experience gained in the field of solid dose processing and manufacturing, combined with the constant commitment to innovation, makes IMA Active division a leading supplier able to find the most suitable solution to your requirements.

IMA Life division, leader in the field of aseptic processing and freeze drying solutions, satisfies any requirements coming from the aseptic, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical markets. Each product represents consolidated technology, acquired not only through experience spanning over 60 years, but also thanks to its ongoing partnership with leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

IMA Safe division manufactures a complete range of blister packaging machines, capsule and tablet counters, sachet and stick packaging machines, tube fillers and cartoners and provides complete end-of-line solutions.

Since 1974, IMA BFB has been designing and manufacturing end-of-line equipment and today it counts on the most comprehensive range of secondary packaging machines currently available on the market. 

Pharma Machine Portfolio

IMA Group is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of automatic machinery used in the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals products. Thanks to its high technological profile and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, IMA Group can satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the different reference markets.

In fact, the constant research, together with the development of innovative solutions, are the hallmarks of a highly competitive group in the global pharmaceutical market.

Elements of power, waves of flexibility.

From the depths of IMA Active’s experience in washing solutions for tools, components and machine parts, the birth of AQUARIA redefines the meaning of flexibility and performance. Powerful yet essential, effective and smart, AQUARIA offers a variety of configurations to keep consumption under control, ensure greater efficiency and respect for the environment.

Refrigeration system for freeze drying

KryoAir is a new technology, 100% green refrigerant, using air as the refrigerant used in freeze dryers. The system is based on a series of compression/cooling/expansion steps of AIR, which can be cooled to a temperature as low as -100° C.

Follow the Effervescent Tablets Applications Line

Being the All-In-One Pharma supplier for the entire line enables IMA to guarantee its customers incomparable advantages that improve the quality of the project and the product.

Discover and customise your complete effervescent tablets processing and packaging line

Parenteral Products Packaging

The secondary packaging of parenteral products such as vials, ampoules, syringes, insulin pens and inhalers is a highly complex process in terms of managing product, packaging and production flexibility. IMA Safe has invested in innovation to develop technologies that can meet all these requirements.

Working with IMA Safe means you can count on a trusted partner, capable of providing comprehensive support in finding the most suitable solutions to safely pack your product.

The Unique Potential
Containment. Compliance. Modularity.

IMA Life designs and manufactures tailored solutions to process liquid, powder and lyo products in an aseptic environment. Issues such as flexibility, line integration with freeze-drying equipment, containment solutions for high-potent drugs, 100% IPC and decontamination are just some of the key aspects that come under the magnifying glass. 

LYO-Regen. Give your equipment a second life

Enhance the performance of your LYO and loading/unloading systems, remove obsolescence, extend their lifespan, and achieve environmental and cGMP compliance with a comprehensive set of upgrade services covering machine componentry, refrigeration and vacuum technologies, equipment controls, and all other ancillary systems.

The coolest laboratory spray freezing module.
LYnfinity starts here.