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Post published on 10/04/2024

IMA Life wins Interphex NY Awards for the third consecutive year

Yet another Interphex NY and yet another Award. For the third year in a row, IMA Life takes home a prize for its groundbreaking technologies. This year was the turn of KryoAir, claiming recognition as the Best New Product/Service at the New York show.

The Best New Product/Service Award is given to the exhibitor that encourages, develops, and features the very best in new products or services showcasing knowledge, innovation, and state-of-the-art technologies leading to significant business, economic, or manufacturing benefits for the pharma and bio industries.

KryoAir, presented as a solution “pioneering sustainable refrigeration”,  is a revolutionary air-based refrigeration system for freeze dryers. In an industry where traditional refrigeration methods often fall short due to environmental concerns and safety regulations, KryoAir stands out as a beacon of innovation and progress. Breaking away from reliance on high-GWP gases and flammable mediums, KryoAir introduces a paradigm shift in refrigeration technology.

At its core lies the turbo-compressor-expander technology, augmented by the revolutionary Cold Thermal Energy Storage (CTES) system, a true game-changer in the field. Unlike anything seen before, CTES harnesses the power of phase-transitioning compounds to maximise capacity per unit of volume. This breakthrough innovation not only enhances efficiency but also enables the turbo-compressor-expander technology to support intensive and discontinuous energy applications, like freeze dryers.

Pairing CTES with the turbo compressor expander, KryoAir transforms a well-established technology into a powerhouse of clean energy utilisation. This dynamic synergy allows KryoAir to achieve extreme low temperatures with unprecedented efficiency, all while maintaining a compact and reliable design.

The benefits of KryoAir extend beyond environmental sustainability and safety. Its single-stage, oil-free system ensures reliability and durability, requiring minimal maintenance. Moreover, its ability to deliver consistent cooling output across varying temperatures sets a new standard in refrigeration technology.

Making the lyophilisation process a more sustainable one, KryoAir can be fitted to IMA’s LYOMAX and LYOFAST freeze dryers.

Learn more about KryoAir and IMA Life freeze-drying solutions here>>  



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