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Meet the complexities of today’s world with a single supplier who can provide everything you need to shape the future of pharma together.

Editorial by Commercial Director
at IMA Pharma

Synchronise, orchestrate, motivate.

With these three words, Thomas Fricke, who joined IMA exactly 30 years ago, begins to explain the All-In-One Pharma strategy that is the leitmotif of IMA Pharma’s approach to the third decade of the 21st century. Synergy is important because lack of synergy is equivalent to a lack of interest. Working synergically leads to greater opportunities for ourselves and for our customers, but synergy means accepting and exploiting diversity.

Part of our job is to facilitate synergies at every level, exploiting the intrinsic diversities we encounter.

The All-In-One Strategy

In many ways, this approach starts by closing the gaps. IMA has gone from being a machine supplier to a solutions provider. Thomas summarises this evolution in a pragmatic way:

“Today, it’s easier for me to tell a customer which machines IMA does not supply, than to list all the solutions we develop and deliver to make up a complete processing and packaging line for our pharmaceutical customers.”

IMA represents a cohesive organisation, state-of-the-art technology and process knowledge, and ensures that today’s solution will easily adapt to tomorrow’s needs. IMA also has the financial critical mass to guarantee continuity, to keep a stock of critical components, never fall short of expectations and never be afraid of having a vision.

All-In-One is a pledge, a promise of efficiency. One investment, one contract, one relationship based on trust that ensures every ounce of value is shared with the customer. Nothing is lost talking to different departments or companies, even those who claim to form a strategic alliance, where a perfect balance is never to be found.

IMA Pharma is where skills combine and where collective expertise works to provide a single solution for a complex task. This is the All-In-One.


Thomas Fricke
Commercial Director at IMA Pharma
Sales & Marketing Director at IMA Safe Pharma & Cosmetic Packaging

All-In-One Monography

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  • Solid dose processing
  • End of line


A protection that is always active

Solid dose processing solutions

The effectiveness of a drug’s active ingredient is what determines the success of a pharmaceutical product on the market, so it is important to protect it through all of the phases of production and packaging in solid form.
Our Solid Dose processing solutions are based on dedicated experience and technology, and take advantage of the know-how of experts specialised in individual product lines, but also capable of using this knowledge to work together with others as part of a team.
This is why IMA Active is the ideal partner for excellence, not just for integrated equipment but also for specific installations.


  • Granulation
  • Capsule Filling
  • Tableting
  • Coating
  • Handling
  • Washing


Sensitive to life

Aseptic processing and freeze drying solutions

To preserve the integrity of pharmaceutical products, ensuring the maximum level of sterility and protection to the operator and to the environment through highly specialized enclosed and aseptic processing systems. IMA Life’s aseptic and pharmaceutical products are intended for applications requiring equipment of high scientific and technological content, where the industry must comply with very strict standards. In this market, the company can either manage large-scale projects designing and manufacturing customized solutions to meet special end-user requirements, ensuring that deadlines are met. IMA Life’s product range includes washing equipment, depyrogenating tunnels, liquid filling and closing in aseptic environments of vials, ampoules and “Ready-To-Use” components, microdosing and macrodosing filling of aseptic powders, isolation systems and containment solutions as well as industrial, pilot and laboratory freeze-dryers, which can be combined with the industry’s widest range of automated loading and unloading systems. Lyophilization process developments, continuous aseptic spray freeze-drying technology complete the array of machines on offer. IMA Life also offers filling and closing machines of non aseptic pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, syringe assembly and labelling machines, labellers for vials, ampoules, BFS (Blow Fill Seal), shaped containers and cartons, blowing machines, depackers, tray loaders and other ancillary equipment. For innovative solutions with the highest technical standards.


  • Blowing, washing and depyrogenating
  • Filling and capping of liquids in aseptic environment
  • Filling and capping of powders in aseptic environment
  • Isolation technology and integrated solutions for processing excellence
  • Freeze drying and automatic loading and unloading systems
  • Filling and closing of pharmaceutical products
  • Labelling for vials, bottles, BFS and cartons
  • Serialization and Track & Trace


The value of safety

Primary and secondary packaging line solutions

Protecting your products is our job. IMA Safe has inherited IMA’s esteemed knowledge and technology. It is the only manufacturer that offers complete primary and secondary packaging line solutions to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. Our machines incorporate the latest developments in technology, electronic and mechanical engineering and are designed to ensure high production efficiency and low maintenance at the same time. A result we have achieved thanks to our unceasing research, professional standards and highly qualified personnel. IMA Safe division, includes the production range of IMA Safe Swiftpack, IMA North America (IMA Safe Nova), IMA Safe Comadis, Perfect Pack and IMA Safe PG. We take responsibility for your complete line as “The Turn-Key-Supplier” in the market.


  • Blister packaging and feeding systems
  • Containment solutions
  • Counting
  • Tube filling
  • Sachet and stick packaging
  • Tray packaging
  • Flowpacking
  • Cartoning and feeding systems


End of line Solutions

End of line solutions

The design and manufacturing standards of our end of line solutions take into account specific devices in terms of quality, cleaning and safety required by the pharmaceutical industry and make IMA BFB the ideal partner for the logistic integration. Long experience combined with state-of-the art production technology enables us to offer many varied solutions including overwrapping, stretch-banding and shrink wrapping, tray packing, case packing, palletizing equipment and robotized handling solutions. The link-up of each single machine is expressly designed to reduce the overall length of the line and minimize the production waste.


  • Overwrapping
  • Stretch and shrink wrapping
  • Case packing
  • Palletizing & depalletizing
  • Feeding & manipulation
  • Track & Trace: solutions for end of line

All from a trusted source, a single source: IMA Pharma.

IMA divisions together, create the conditions for the next innovation, the next level of flexibility, solutions designed to enhance the value of your product and the efficiency of the entire process. 


Pharma Machine Portfolio

IMA Group is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of automatic machinery used in the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals products. Thanks to its high technological profile and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, IMA Group can satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the different reference markets.

In fact, the constant research, together with the development of innovative solutions, are the hallmarks of a highly competitive group in the global pharmaceutical market.



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