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Post published on 10/03/2023

Engineering solutions to support the Pharmaceutical sector

Industries as important as those of the pharmaceutical sector evolve to survive in a competitive scenario. Sometimes those evolutions raise new challenges and require innovative solutions. Track & trace obligations, for example, have had an impact on production efficiency, which needs to be countered. The increase in personalised therapies have generated a demand for production flexibility. Validation requirements must overcome the risks involved in human error. As a group with a vast experience in this industry, IMA can draw on the broad range of competencies present in each division, and IMA BFB, leading end-of-line specialists, have much more to offer than end-of-line technologies.


Modular solutions for greater efficiency

Integrated platforms, often based on a modular concept, such as the CPH series of case packers & RP palletizers, boost production efficiency, save valuable floor space and expedite two fundamental end-of-line operations in one step, incorporating all the necessary systems for sampling, rejection and track & trace requirements, without the need to duplicate them on two separate machines. Designed to enable a variety of combinations – with or without palletizing module, horizontal or vertical packing systems, etc. – customer-specific needs can be satisfied rapidly without needing to resort to excessive customisation.

Technologies to increase machine reliability and process repeatability

Machine automation and application of Industry 4.0 tools address the need for long-term reliability and repeatability. On one hand, the machines are able to provide data used to plan maintenance interventions, on the other, we provide solutions for automatic size changeover operations, which take far less time to accomplish, allowing for frequent changeovers, small batch sizes and greater uptime. This also means avoiding the risk of human error. Lastly, any validation requirements are satisfied because repeatability based on the precise recipe parameters is almost certainly guaranteed.

Supporting the environment

Another initiative we actively engage in helps both ourselves and our customers to find the most sustainable packaging solutions. We are working on machines, such as the HYWRAP20, and technologies which are able to exploit eco-friendly wrapping materials without needing to alter the production process originally designed to work with plastics. In particular, the external wrapping can now be 100% paper instead of plastic, enhancing the sustainable qualities of the product. 

Award-winning news

Stop Press: as we go to print, news of our victory at the Best Packaging 2022 awards organised by the Italian Packaging Institute in an aim to promote innovative packaging solutions. In the Innovation & Technology category our HYWRAP20 overwrapping machine impressed the jury for its innovative qualities, above all the flexibility enabling the processing of different materials without needing to change the equipment in any way. This was seen as a winning strategy, which focuses on the service it ensures rather than just the machine itself.

Luca Bonazzi
Vice President at IMA BFB

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