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As designers and manufacturers of automatic processing and packaging machinery, we believe that innovation starts with a long process involving the most thorough research.

Research and Innovation

IMA is leader in research and in planning automatic machines that most effectively satisfy the primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging demands of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

IMA made the strategic and operational decision to be at the forefront of Research and Development and, by using all their expertise and technology in the automatic processing and packaging equipment sector, IMA has achieved both product and market leadership.

Project Management

The essential pre-requisite for a successful project management is an in-depth knowledge of the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific targets.

I’s a challenging goal that IMA has pursued over the years to now boast core skills, expertise and experience to design and manufacture solutions to be able to deal with complex and large scale customized projects and meet special end-users requirements.

The services offered range from the technical-commercial approach to the design and proposal of line configurations with a high number of options (including contingency planning and simulation techniques), to the technical-functional aspect (capacity to prefigure, program and organize the production and integrated commissioning of several machines from several production sources) to the efficient centralized advisory service that provides the pharmaceutical partners with a unique reference point.


IMA Project Managers’ thorough knowledge of machine integration and line functioning logic is totally at the disposal of our customers to outline thorough project cost-management policies and checklists and to ensure that end-user’s time to market deadlines are met.

Large projects require space for equipment manufacturing, integration and line FAT execution. Here, too, IMA is considered the no. 1 partner with its more than 160,000 square meters of workshops.

IMAs turn-key solutions include appropriate documentation for line qualification, installation,  setting-up and start-up as well as training and assistance during production.

Our keeping pace and moving ahead with innovations in pharmaceutical technologies & processes is attributable to our teams of highly motivated personnel radically rethinking what was once considered standard and taking it to a superior level.
IMA is the One-Stop Supplier.


The constant attention in the increasingly risk-based regulatory framework combined with the steady commitment in research and development prompted IMA, already several years ago, to look closer at the mix of critical factors that drive the Pharmaceutical companies towards a containment solution, typically: operator protection, product safety, reduced environmental impact, and operational improvement.

In order to provide our customers with the right product, IMA has decided to implement its own brand of containment systems, and in this way, several new piece of equipment were designed to allow  execution under isolator, without any change in their basic design.

A combination to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s need of single-sourced integrated lines, making one vendor responsible for the integration of complete lines.


IMA’s answer to this increasing trend of adopting containment applications/isolators is to provide product customized solutions that, as well as the basic requirement to prevent cross-contamination and the indispensable need to focus on the safety of operators, ensure equipment ergonomics: operators can easily perform all steps of the process, reach any integrated part and clean all internal surfaces.

IMA already has a vast experience producing equipment for solid form potent products as well as aseptic filling lines for dosing liquids and powders using various types of isolators and creating highly flexible mechanical interfaces.

Stringent attention is paid to the latest regulatory compliance and in the preparation of the validation documentation package
As a result, numerous FDA approved lines and machines are successfully running worldwide.


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