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IMA Active at the 5th APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference • 23-24 April 2024

The event takes place from 23/04/2024 to 24/04/2024

IMA Active at the 5th APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference

IMA Active is pleased to sponsor the 5th APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference, which will be held in Mölndal/Gothenburg (Sweden), on April 23-24, 2024.

The symposium will bring together people working in formulation and process development, engineering, quality, commercial manufacturing, academia and authorities to discuss how the adoption of Continuous Manufacturing for both small molecules and biologic products can transform quality, cost and service for the benefit of the patient.

Dedicated presentations and case studies will give the opportunity to learn about:

  • FDA perspective on ICH Q13
  • Real-time release approach
  • Continuous blending performance
  • Green CM
  • Modular design and end to end manufacturing in a single room
  • PAT tools for CM
  • Containment and CM

On the 24th of April, during the session dedicated to technical aspects, Lorenzo Menarini, R&D Process Engineer at IMA Active, will held the presentation “Orchestration system for modular Continuous Manufacturing line: MAESTRO”.

The move towards continuous manufacturing in pharmaceutical industry is now evident. CM potential to reduce operational costs, minimize plant footprints, increase process control, and improve product quality has been well-proven. Moreover, the regulatory agencies, FDA and EMA, have just released new guidelines, which further accelerate the adoption of CM.

The presentation focuses on the use of Maestro orchestration system while running a continuous production process for tablets. You see, in practice, how Maestro supports the control strategy and assist the operator in everyday smooth production and monitor all critical process parameters and critical quality attributes (mass flow rate, material density, compression and pre-compression forces, the content of key compounds). Maestro creates and manage single recipes for the CM line, collects and summarizes in one report all data from different unit operations including PATs sensors.

Also, meet IMA Active experts during the table-top session!

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Presentation "Orchestration system for modular Continuous Manufacturing line: MAESTRO"

When: 24th of April

Speaker: Lorenzo Menarini, R&D Process Engineer at IMA Active


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