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Welcome to the IMA Life IsoTech Lab

Our in-house Isolator Research & Development Laboratory, the IsoTech Lab, is made up of the Microbiological Laboratory and Isolator Pilot Room hosting an MTI, an infeed Rotary Table, a Filling & Stoppering machine and CLU (compact loading system) under isolator to carry out tests.

A sterility assurance team works alongside our engineers to improve the isolation systems and determine even shorter and more appropriate VPHP decontamination cycle technology applied to our equipment. We have ongoing cooperation agreements with scientists and experts in the field to support a pragmatic, industrial approach.

Our first key objective is to perform internal research and:

  • improve VPHP cycle efficiency, optimising standard methods and testing new technologies
  • check the performance of utilities and equipment circuits
  • compare VPHP generators with other decontamination methods
  • verify material compatibility and resistance to decontamination agents

Our second key objective is to set up and conduct activities in conjunction with our customers:

  • to check VPHP decontamination cycle times with defined isolator loads
  • to perform preliminary customer training sessions for isolator management

The IsoTech Lab is where our unique, integrated solutions are designed, tested and developed for aseptic processing lines and freeze-drying applications.

Our Capabilities

We design and manufacture tailored solutions to process liquid, powder and lyo products in an aseptic environment.

The IsoTech Lab is specialised in:     

  • designing flexible, integrated aseptic processing lines, with advanced technologies
  • supporting the integration of freeze-drying equipment into a fill-finish line
  • creating tailored containment solutions for high-potent drugs and biologicals

Our engineers and process specialists focus on combining the most appropriate machines and developing new technologies, such as no-touch-transfer techniques using advanced robotics, CFD studies to optimise airflow, monitoring and decontamination technologies, and 100% IPC. Today, many of these solutions accompany pharmaceutical companies and the industry towards the aseptic processing standards of tomorrow.

There are further areas in which our expertise supports the industry:

  • Containment. Barrier technologies, isolation solutions, decontamination cycles such as the VHP process and sterility assurance are areas where our knowledge will guide the development of optimised solutions.
  • Compliance. We know all there is to know about the latest GMP aseptic requirements, in particular Annex 1 guidelines, and FDA aseptic requirements, also supported by our Lab4Life team based in Buffalo, NYC, USA.
  • Modularity. The importance of flexible production capabilities is a priority, and our research into fill-finish lines and freeze-drying equipment always takes this aspect into account providing modular solutions.

Empowering our technologies through digital platforms and artificial intelligence

The solutions developed within the IsoTech Lab operate in highly advanced and sophisticated technological environments. To achieve top-notch standards and ensure the best qualitative and quantitative performance, we employ real-time monitoring solutions based on machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. These tools allow us to maintain maximum control over the desired final outcome.

Our Case Studies

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