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Post published on 27/04/2023

IMA Life wins top prize at Interphex New York 2023


Repeating and even improving on last year’s success at the New York exhibition, during which IMA Life won the Best Technologies Innovation Award thanks to the LYnfinity LAB, IMA proudly receives the 2023 Best in Show Award for INJECTA, the aseptic fill-finish system which has evolved to integrate its gloveless module.

The Best in Show Award recognises accomplishments and display in the use of knowledge, innovation, and state-of-the-art technologies to achieve extraordinary levels of quality, production goals, and objectives – ultimately transforming critical and affordable life-enhancing ideas to finished drug products.

An Interphex Exhibitor Award means widespread recognition, not only for the technology displayed at the trade show, but for the background developments that have lasted years, driving IMA Life aseptic processing lines towards a gloveless scenario. This award also underpins the Group’s commitment to the global pharmaceutical industry in a time when process and product innovation have played a key role in addressing contemporary health issues such as the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

INJECTA is a cutting-edge solution for aseptic processing, placing robotic technologies at the forefront in an aim to achieve gloveless processing and push back the boundaries of automatic aseptic fill-finish methods.

According to the recently approved  Annex 1, gloves and manual operations are seen as major sources of contamination and make integrity checks mandatory at most processing stages, resulting in lower production efficiency. INJECTA implements advanced robotics in order to avoid human intervention at crucial stages of the process, such as the aseptic assembly of sterile components loaded using rapid transfer ports. The system does not lose the sterility guaranteed by the autoclave, does not come into contact with the operator and is assembled entirely in aseptic conditions following isolator decontamination.

The extensive use of robotics drastically reduces the number of manual operations. In fact, INJECTA is a milestone on the market, as it is virtually the first of its kind in aseptic processing, maximising the enormous potential of advanced robotic technologies.

Learn more about INJECTA and IMA Life aseptic processing here>>

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