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The IMA Group at ACHEMA 2024

Discover our All-In-One solutions for the Pharmaceutical sector. Welcoming you to Hall 3.0, Booth F49

Post published on 05/06/2024

The IMA Group at ACHEMA 2024

In an area covering almost 1,400 sqm, the Pharmaceutical Divisions of IMA Group and its specialists are glad to introduce IMA Pharma, the All-In-One supplier specialized in the design and manufacture of innovative machines and complete lines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, medical devices assembling, as well as projects concerning digitalisation, sustainability, and customer service solutions.

Meeting the Divisions at the show:

IMA Active is the ideal partner for each solid dose processing phase: granulation, tableting, capsule filling and banding, weight checking, coating, handling and washing. On show AQUARIA, the new all-in-one solution to wash components and machine parts of different sizes and volumes in completely automatic mode, ensuring greater efficiency and respect for the environment; the Continuous Direct Compression Line (CDC Line), a very lean, efficient and flexible tablet-manufacturing technology that, in combination with PAT, allows easy adoption of a QbD approach, ensuring excellent operation performance and avoiding waste during startup and shutdown; the CROMA continuous coater, designed to cover a range of throughputs and a range of coating weight gains thanks to its innate modularity; a single CROMA module works in ranges between 20 and 100 kg/h and with an average weight gain of 2-4%, depending on tablets and film types; the ADAPTA 50 capsule filler, featuring innovative technical solutions to manage complex solid dosage forms such as product combination in hard gelatine capsules or powder micro-dosing for Dry Powder Inhalers. The ACCELA CTC 500 continuous coater by Thomas Processing is designed to manage high production throughputs in a range of 100-1,000 kg/h of large batch sizes of tablets to process in continuous mode, being the only coater on the market manufactured with an integrated cooling chamber that eliminates the need for additional cooling systems, reducing the footprint of the equipment and streamlining the coating process.

On show also the IMA Active Competence Center, a specialised and centralised hub for knowledge and resources, providing support, training, and guidance in the oral solid dose field. 

IMA Life offers a comprehensive product portfolio to process liquids and powders in aseptic and non-aseptic environments. Solutions include washers, depyrogenating tunnels, liquid and powder filling and closing machines for vials, ampoules and Ready-To-Use (RTU), freeze dryers and relevant automatic loaders/unloaders, isolation technologies, labellers for vials and cartons and ancillary equipment.

On show, the integrated line composed by NEBULA, the high speed-decontamination tunnel which integrates seamlessly with IMA Life aseptic fill-finish lines, ensuring 100% sterility of RTU material and INJECTA 36, advanced robotic fill-finish solution which raises the bar for the high-speed processing of RTU syringes. Introducing an innovative solution for 100% In-Process Control and check-weighting, INJECTA 36 is further proof of the key role played by IMA Life in the Ready-To-Use segment for automatic filling & closing machines, able to maximise production performance. In a segregated area of the booth, you will be able to discover in world premiere TILE-X, IMA Life’s ground-breaking innovation in the field of fill-finish processing for small batch production. Based on electromagnetic levitation, TILE-X is a compact, Grade A, gloveless modular processing unit for high-value pharmaceuticals such as ATMPs. Also on show, MODULA 300, the assembly machine for pre-filled glass syringes capable of performing several operations: plunger rod insertion, labelling, backstop assembly, and a dedicated hub for isolation technology.

Our aseptic processing experts will introduce you our isolation solutions: highly configurable, they adapt to different production envi­ronments, enhancing versatility and applicability to different manufac­turing contexts including high-containment scenarios. At the LAB4LIFE Lyo development Laboratory corner, IMA Life’s experts will present KryoAir, our new 100% green refrigeration technology for freeze dryers using the ultimate natural refrigerant: air.

Along with the equipment displayed at the fair, customers will have the opportunity to experience firsthand various digital solutions aimed at reducing maintenance costs and downtime. These solutions leverage real-time monitoring, event forecasting, and fault prevention through the analysis of vast amounts of process and equipment data, ultimately leading to an increase in overall equipment effectiveness and compliance with current regulations.

Specialised in primary and secondary packaging, IMA Safe creates blister-packaging machines, capsule and tablet counters, sachet and stick-packaging machines, tube fillers and cartoners. End-of-line solutions, from robotics, handling, overwrapping to case-packing and palletizing are provided by the IMA EOL hub. On show the GIANT5-A96 integrated blister and cartoning line, which redefines the parameters in terms of flexibility, speed and compactness; the RED250-A96 deep draw thermoforming and cartoning line, a compact solution for medium-speed production of small batches requiring frequent format changes. Thanks to the robotic handling system, RED250 allows careful and precise manipulation of any type of product, introducing it into the tray with a wide range of possible configurations; the MINILINE bottle transport, filling and capping system able to integrate all the functions required to form a complete counting line with a simple and superior footprint: desiccant insertion, tablet or capsule counting, cotton insertion and capping, and can be configured for any product or container requirement and BETA 360 a high-performance vertical sachet packaging machines for 4-seal sachets, able to handle all types of products from paste products to fluid products, powders, free and non-free-flowing products, objects and accessories such as wipes.

The End of Line Hub’s experts will be also present to discuss and highlight the latest solutions available from IMA, completing the line. These include a wide range of options, from bundling and wrapping machines, case packers, palletizers and depalletizers, to state-of-the art, integrated systems featuring robotic solutions for enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

IMA AUTOMATION designs and manufactures advanced technological systems for the handling and assembly of a variety of components for diverse applications and in different sectors: automotive, E-mobility, electrical motors, medical devices, caps & closures, eye care, electro-mechanics and watchmaking. On show the X-PEN, the standard modular platform for pen and autoinjector final assembly. With the latest robust technologies, labelling as standard incorporated into the machine, quick time-to-market and compact design concept, the X-PEN system uses state-of-the-art, at your fingertips technology and ensures fast ROI.

Visitors will also have the chance to discover dedicated areas covering hot topics like Sustainability, Digitalisation and Customer Service Solutions.

Our specialists will be glad to provide with an overview of the initiatives we conduct to improve sustainability, including our OPENLab network where we develop and test the latest eco-friendly packaging materials alongside our customers.

IMA will showcase a diverse array of digital tools and virtual applications, beginning with machines equipped with IMA Sentinel connectivity. This will include a comprehensive suite of Artificial Intelligence solutions such as Sandbox and Algomarket, enhanced by advanced analytics. The event will also offer an opportunity to present IMA’s latest proof-of-concept in generative artificial intelligence, aimed at improving training, troubleshooting, and monitoring activities.

Additionally, targeted services like training opportunities, troubleshooting support, and a broad range of platforms for machine management will be highlighted, including the customer service portal, services provided globally to the pharmaceutical industry to maintain the highest production standards.


IMA Pharma is a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines and complete lines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products thanks to a high technological profile and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions to satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the market, thanks to its highly specialised divisions: IMA Active (Solid Dose Solutions), IMA Life (Aseptic Processing and Freeze Drying Solutions), IMA Safe (Packaging Solutions), BFB (End of Line Solutions) and IMA AUTOMATION (Flawless Assembly).

Together they combine their unique skills and knowledge, interacting in an environment where people, equipment, and technology come together in perfect synergy. They create the conditions for the next innovation, the next level of flexibility, solutions designed to enhance the value of your product. All from a trusted source, a single source: IMA Pharma.

We look forward to seeing you at Hall 3.0, Booth F49!

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