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An exSTRAWrdinary come back to the future

The paper straw was an idea created in the fall of 19th century by the American inventor Marvin Stone.

In the sixties, the revolution of plastic material was the beginning of the end for paper straws.

Today, greater awareness about pollution, biodegradability and recyclability is pushing the market to come back to a renewable material like paper.

Look it up to keep informed on our exSTRAWrdinary project.


From paper strips to bended straws

On April 2018 European commission issued the directive that ban all single use plastic from 2021. 

Base on that, IMA T&T division has decided to develop a new automatic line: from paper strips to bended straws wrapped on a ladder band, to match the new market needs.



A production line with a new generation design

driven by efficiency, accessibility, modularity, flexibility, hygiene, cleanliness and definitely high speed.


Technical data

Linear tube speed over 120 m/min
Straw outer diameter from 3,5 to 8 mm
Straw thickness from 0,3 to 0,5 mm
Straw length from 100 to 400 mm
Wrapped straws up to 900 double straw/min (1800 straw/min)
Ladder band pitch from 13 to 30 mm


The new automatic production line for paper straws is a project of IMA ZERO programme, the IMA Group very latest promise to create products, production processes and services, benefitting from a renewed logic of sustainability.