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Apart from the actual machine, both machine and maintenance staff also have a substantial impact on performance. Therefore we offer a number of staff training courses and consulting services in order to guarantee production performance at all ends.


Within the scope of the auditing programme, the knowledge required for operation and maintenance of the various machine modules is checked against the knowledge possessed by customer personnel.

Together we assess the situation, provide recommendations for action and offer individual training courses.

We repeat this service periodically on request in order to ensure a correspondingly high level of knowledge on the part of your personnel.


Staff training is an investment that quickly pays off in practice.

Our operator training aims to master the production process and to avoid misadjustments by an in-depth understanding of the machine technology.

Our maintenance training contributes to increase the quality and effectiveness of your maintenance procedures and reduces risks of unscheduled machine downtimes.

Operative support

To supplement our in-house training offers, we provide operational support for efficient use of your packaging machine based on our on-the-job training courses.

Our technicians are on location during production and provide your personnel with the necessary confidence from the very outset.


With the experience of many years acquired from numerous projects worldwide, we are a trusted advisor when it comes to increasing your productivity.

We consider the entire production process and measure the performance of your machine in every aspect – from planned downtimes and interruptions to operability and production capacity, all the way through to brief disturbances.

Our aim is to protect your competitive edge at all times!