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Aseptic Competence Center offering its' services for IMA FOOD customers

Extending the shelf life of sensitive products and optimizing the hygienic conditions

Extending the shelf life of sensitive products on one hand and optimizing the hygienic conditions on the other hand to integrate the desired aseptic levels into the packaging machines were the reasons for IMA DAIRY & FOOD to set up an Aseptic Competence Center in Ranstadt. 

The microbiological laboratory is certified for biosafety level II in Germany. We are qualified to handle microorganisms up to risk level II, e.g. Aspergillus brasiliensis, a widely used indicator organism. The facilily is highly equipped for microbial count, media preparation, sample processing, incubation and evaluation.

On-site Support

  • Microbiological risk assessment
  • Verification of the efficiency of the decontimination process (challenge test)
  • Revalidation after modification
  • Initial germ count of packaging
  • Verification of machine reaction to critical control points (CCP)
  • Determination of residual oxygen/peroxide in packaging
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Challenging the maintenance of sterility with small particle smoke
  • CIP validation



Registration of CIP recipe and verification of all cleaning steps

  • Control of the given recipe procedure
  • Sample from rinse water after each step and at the end of CIP
  • Determine TOC (total organic carbon) and TIC (total inorganic carbon) values in the laboratory of our proven partner
  • Identify savings potential or improvement potential
  • CIP revalidation

Aseptic Team

In our aseptic team  we have specialists for hygienic and aseptic filling systems with expertise in the fields of process engineering, microbiology, food  technology and regulatory requirements. 

We provide the complete solution from a single source: beginning with the planning and configuration of a packaging system to the acceptance of the filling line.

For microbiological validation we provide you with advice, support you during execution and offer sample preparation and post-processing in our own laboratory.

The aseptic team is also the right partner for trouble shooting, inspection or optimization of existing systems.