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Technological enhancement

We focus on your productivity: our services and customised upgrades keep your machine in line with the most state-of-the-art standards and offer you flexible options with which to respond to new market conditions.


The industry constantly faces with new challenges in terms of packaging design, volume or size.

To keep you out in front at all times, we offer flexible format conversions to increase your product varieties and packaging formats.


Increasing your production output is a key issue when it comes to upgrading your existing machine. We currently offer the following types of upgrade:

– Hygiene: improvement in the level of hygiene has a direct impact on product shelf life.
– Product: the desire for new filling variants triggered by innovative product marketing can be satisfied with our upgrades.
Quality: the quality upgrades are prepared individually for our customers in order to meet the high standards required in the dairy and food industries.


Implementing specific upgrades, we optimise the productivity of your existing machines on the basis of technical advancements and state-of-the-art technology.


During its many years of reliable operation, a packaging machine is nevertheless subject to normal wear. And the market requirements of your industry are also subject to change during this period.

Our machine retrofit services enable you to return your machine to its “original delivery condition” or a level of reconditioning that you determine.

Furthermore, we are glad to provide you with advice on how to further increase your productivity and prepare your machine for new products and formats.

Pre-owned equipment

Used machines are completely overhauled and updated on our site. This means you benefit from a machine that has been brought into line with the latest technologies for a reasonable investment along with a short delivery period.

Obsolete technology replacement

Technical advancements and discontinuation of proven technology constantly create a challenge when it comes to supplying replacement parts.

As part of our regular machine inspections and the work performed by our technicians, we gladly advise you on replacing obsolete equipment, while proposing timely solutions for critical components.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • enhanced performance
  • less risk of longer downtimes
  • lower maintenance costs
  • 10-year supply guarantee on OEM replacement parts