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Environmental Sustainability

Energy management, carbon footprint, proper waste disposal are just some of IMA's programmes to protect environmental resources in Italy and the world.

Environmental Sustainability

Global awareness of threats related to climate change, the depletion of limited resources, the problems of energy supply and the loss of biodiversity make the IMA Group recognize the importance of protecting and safeguarding the environment as part of strategic business decisions. The Company’s commitment concerns the reduction of its direct impacts, investments in research and development for sustainable innovation and the promotion of responsible behaviours along the value chain.

In terms of direct impacts, IMA is committed to minimizing any possible impact deriving from the production cycle through:

• rational consumption of energy resources favouring the supply from renewable sources with a low environmental impact;
• the use of raw materials and environmentally preferable products, encouraging recycling or reuse;
• the prevention of pollution generated by atmospheric emissions, as well as the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, through the use of the best available technologies and methods of calculation and monitoring (carbon footprint);
• careful management of waste and waste generated by production activities.

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