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Environmental Sustainability

Energy management, carbon footprint, proper waste disposal are just some of IMA's programmes to protect environmental resources in Italy and in the world.

Environmental Sustainability

IMA acknowledges the importance of protecting and safeguarding the environment as part of strategic business decisions. The Company’s commitment concerns the reduction of its direct and indirect impacts, investments in research and development for sustainable innovation and the promotion of responsible behaviours along the value chain.
IMA is committed to minimizing any possible impact deriving from the production cycle through:
• the reduction of the rational consumption of energy resources, favouring the supply from renewable sources;
• the containment and reduction of atmospheric emissions, through the use of the best technologies available on the market as well as their monitoring;
• the conservation of limited natural resources and the use of raw materials and products with reduced environmental impact;
• careful management of waste and waste generated by production activities, encouraging recycling or reuse.

With this in mind, IMA S.p.A. started a project with Valle Morosina S.p.A. in 2020, purchasing carbon credits annually, voluntarily, in a number equal to the offsetting of the Group’s direct emissions (from the use of fuels and refrigerants) and indirect (from electricity use), thus including the environmental impact of both Italian and foreign companies. As part of the same project, IMA has obtained certification from a third party on compliance with the ßNeutral standard, which provides for a commitment by IMA to gradually reduce the quantity of emissions generated by its production process, and to offset/neutralise residual emissions through the purchase of the aforementioned carbon credits. IMA is committed to reducing its emissions for the sites in which it operates through the request for electricity supply certified with a guarantee of origin from renewable sources In order to be able to effectively monitor emissions and evaluate interventions on the work activities that generate emission categories with the highest impact, in 2021 IMA implemented, with third party certific tion, a greenhouse gas emissions management system for the organisation according to the ISO 14064-1 standard in compliance with UNI/PdR 99: 2021 (referred to in the ßNeutral). This management system is subject to annual inspection and verification by the certifying body. For the next few years, IMA is evaluating extending the scope of reduced and/or offset emissions to the other indirect emissions of its GHG inventory, thus covering the same operational perimeter relative to the ISO 14064-1 management system in order to move towards carbon neutrality. The ISO 14064-1 management system that IMA has implemented already lays down the rules of compliance with the GHG Protocol, the reference standard for the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi). In line with the European Green Deal, IMA is evaluating the possibility of identifying science-based climate targets (Science Based Targets) and the associated feasibility assessment of the actions to be implemented to achieve them, which would allow it to reduce its own ecological footprint over time and strive for decarbonisation.

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