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APPLIED, IMA Digital Manufacturing LAB

It’s time to upgrade the evolution. And turn it into a revolution.

Born from the IMA Digital experience, IDM Applied is the Digital Lab and Research Center that offers expertise, services and products, to support companies who want to pursue a path towards digital innovation in their own sector, enabling ideas and creativity to be turned into tangible and pragmatic business needs. Scouting and application of know-how are essential activities for APPLIED to assist and support companies along the path to the fourth industrial revolution.

Applied is at the forefront of an ecosystem aimed at achieving sustainable innovation that is reflected throughout the local area through the enhancement and sharing of skills, paying particular attention to returning them to the community.


IDM APPLIED innovation

The most modern digital infrastructures and think-tank environments support collaboration and strengthen synergies between the ICT and R&D departments, with a view to generating new ideas and technologies. The staff involved are at work every day, with vertical and specific skills in engineering, development of hardware applications, software and new technologies.


Applied creates different solutions for the world of the connected machines:

  • a4GATE is a unique and secure solution for controlling LAN Ethernet traffic at ISO / OSI Layers 1. The technology allows network designers and architects to build super-secure networks by providing total hardware isolation and segmentation.
  • a4Sentinel is an advanced analytics platform, which can be consulted in web, desktop or mobile mode, even outside the local network, which provides sophisticated monitoring and analytical tools for intelligent industrial plants.
  • Control Room is the monitoring and assistance center offered to our customers who feel the need to ensure the proper performance of those activities that require ongoing attention, which is not always easily obtainable.


The data revolution has now taken over all aspects of our lives, proving to be a valuable source of information and providing companies with new points of view on their operations and processes.

Applied offerings in the field of Big Data, Analytics & AI help to capture the opportunities created by the enormous amounts of data that surround us and their respective value. By providing advanced tools for data interpretation and analysis, we can transform this information into tangible actions for the improvement of businesses. 

Cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the basis of our products and services, making our customers true pioneers of the digital revolution.



Applied solutions for the industrial world offer a range of solutions for all companies with core industrial dynamics that would reap significant benefit from the digitalization of their processes.

The digitalization of industries is indeed a trend, or rather a need, which is increasingly felt in this sector and which shows no sign of diminishing in intensity, opening the doors to new challenges and opportunities that Applied is committed to transforming into tangible value for its customers.

The application of technologies such as Internet of Things, Automation and Virtual Commissioning are able to transport any industrial reality into its future, opening the doors to increasingly lean processes and tangible gains.

  • IOT / OT
  • PLC