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A concrete partner for the Tissue and Nonwoven market

A partner combining technological innovation and strategic management into specific products, services and packaging.

We satisfy all needs for tissue, wet wipes, adult & baby diapers and sanitary napkins.

Tissue & Nonwoven updates

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The IMA comprehensive way

IMA Group has approached the Tissue & Nonwoven market gradually but in a comprehensive way.

The first step was the acquisition of  TEKNOWEB CONVERTING, well known on the market as innovative supplier for wet wipes converting and packaging.

Later, we took over TMC - Tissue Machinery Company experts in tissue products packaging.

The Group’s equipment range was then completed by IMA ILAPAK, PERFECT PACK and IMA CIEMME, masters for flow-packs, sachets, lid applicators and case packing.

This enables us to provide today with complete lines having one main contractor: an exhaustive cross-functional expertise coming from one industrial Group.

For each market sector – personal care, household, AFH – our focus is providing technological machinery assuring environmental performance and resource efficiency throughout the production cycle: since several years, we have both established a number of cooperation projects with row and packaging materials suppliers, and designed and developed low impact processing and packaging methods.

Brands in the Tissue & Nonwoven market

For more than 20 years we have been providing packaging solutions for Tissue and Personal Care Products. Our focus on Innovation and R&D defines our choices and behavior.

We are specialists in supplying equipment for the entire manufacturing cycle of wet wipes. Our sanitary design focuses on ultra-flexible lines with minimum Total Cost of Ownership.

Pioneers in the design of revolutionary flow wrapping solutions dedicated to innovative, reclosable and attractive packs, IMA ILAPAK stands out today as a market leader in both the wet and dry wipes industry.

Thanks to technologies refined in over 30 years of experience, Perfect Pack designs and manufactures automatic machines and complete lines for sachet and stick packaging market.

IMA CIEMME stands for End-Of-Line packaging solutions to rely on. With more than 35 years of experience, we offer a complete portfolio of packaging machines and robotic loading units for a wide range of industries.

Since 1974, IMA BFB has been designing and manufacturing end-of-line equipment and today it counts on the most comprehensive range of secondary packaging machines aimed to suit the most demanding market.

Tissue, rolls, folded: discover our complete packaging portfolio

IMA TMC’s roll wrapping machines for single or multiple layer pack configurations, together with the bundling machines and case packers for the complete or partial wrapping of packs, are among the most appreciated by the market for their high productivity, high efficiency and packaging quality.

Diapers, Feminine care and Hygienic pads: our solutions for Nonwovens

The most important features in packaging Nonwovens hygiene products is high flexibility in formats, high scalability in performance, reliable process and easy operation.
From the converting outfeed up to the palletizing, IMA TMC provides full packaging lines of baby, adult diapers feminine care and hygienic pads that make possible to integrate the full range of machines for greater production efficiency and a significant reduction in downtimes and bottlenecks.
Our control procedures enable us to deliver finest quality tested products into the market.

All you need for wet wipes from water treatment to lotion making

IMA TEKNOWEB‘s machines satisfy the whole production cycle of wet wipes. Combining high-end filters, precipitators, desalinators and UV sterilizers, pure and bacteriologically suitable water is provided to be the base of high quality lotions for wetting wet wipes. Each project is carried out according to the most restrictive standards, avoiding residues during emptying and bacterial contamination risks.

Surgical and Respirator Face Mask solution

Fruit of an IMA joint effort and commitment and supported by its top expertise, IMA FACE 400 represents the ultimate answer to massive challenges. Designed to respond to a present real need and global emergency but with an eye towards the future, IMA turn-key solutions are enriched with new technologies and innovation, a balance of expertise and know-how to respond to any specific market demand.

Prompt, all-round converting and packaging solutions for Surgical and Respirator Face Masks.

Flow-wrapping solutions for reusable and attractive packs

The wipes industry has grown exponentially – long gone are the days when they were used exclusively for baby care. Today wipes have multiple uses – in cosmetics, household, domestic care and hygienic applications – and IMA ILAPAK has developed its offer following the industry’s growth.

Expertise and know-how constantly contribute to the development of tailor-made solutions for the wipe industry, promptly responding to the latest market needs, including adhesive labels and plastic lids.

Small package, Smart technology: meet our Sachet packaging lines

That of wet wipes is a fast evolving and exigent market. And the offer of a wide range of functional packaging solutions, with maximum flexibility in format size and straightforward setting-up are valuable assets. Sealing wipes in sachets requires knowledge in packaging technology, fabrics and materials. That’s why PERFECT PACK’s complete lines of automatic sachet machines are so appreciated by all business users, in all application fields: pharmaceutical and cosmetic.

The final touch your product deserves: discover our full array of end of line packaging solutions

IMA CIEMME’s end of line solutions respond to the Tissue and Nonwoven market needs standing out for high-speed performance and flexibility.

Thanks to our solid knowledge in advanced automation, we develop a specific range of side loading, top loading and case packer machines for colour-catcher leaflets, paper napkins and baby diapers.

Take advantage of our innovative solutions to handle wet wipe flow-packs such as a specific modular system composed by connected robots, with vision system, able to apply adhesive labels and plastic lids  achieving the highest performance and efficiency. To complete the cycle, our offer also includes case packers (side or top loading) to handle flow-packs according to the desired pattern.

IMA FACE 400 - Surgical and respirator mask solution • Re-inventing possibilities is our mission.

Fruit of an IMA joint effort and commitment and supported by its top expertise, IMA FACE 400 represents the ultimate answer to massive challenges. Designed to respond to a present real need and global emergency but with an eye towards the future.

TMC - WRAP250 • Tissue roll wrapper

WRAP250 is the answer to the need of a high-speed single to multi-roll wrapper for tissue products. One machine, multiple choices: 250 stands for format and for speed, allowing wrapping up to 250 packs per minute, or single rolls up to 250 mm.

TEKNOWEB CONVERTING – NEXT • Wet wipe converting line

Modern shopfloors need to quickly change products, even every week, in order to satisfy the various market requests. Speed and minimum machine stops are crucial: the NEXT answers these needs, introducing reproducible settings and shorter cleaning duration.

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