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IMA TMC - Tissue Machinery Company

Innovative solutions to solve the complexities related to the packaging and handling of Tissue and Personal Care products.

First in packaging of tissue

For over 25 years, IMA TMC has been offering the most innovative solutions to handle and solve the complexities related to the packaging and handling of Tissue and Personal Care products.
The commitment to R&D allows IMA TMC to offer cutting-edge solutions to the market, not only from a technological point of view but also in terms of service quality, optimization of the production process, simple use and maintenance.

The specialization of the employees is a nodal aspect that distinguishes the approach and method of IMA TMC, because for every kind of request, we can count on dedicated and skilled resources specialized in several complex situations, distinguishing two areas of expertise:

  • “Standard” flexible machines for packaging
  • Tailor-made design and manufacture of complete lines

Thanks to a capillary technical structure, IMA TMC serves customers worldwide. On this purpose, the foundation of two dedicated branches: IMA TMC NORTH AMERICA in 2004, followed by IMA TMC DO BRASIL in 2014.
As a result, we have strengthened our presence in North and Latin America with the local production of Roll and Diaper Packaging lines, also supplying training and spare parts support for the IMA TMC packaging machines.

IMA VTP – Valley Tissue Packaging

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, IMA VTP has grown into one of the main market referral in packaging solutions for the tissue converters.
Today IMA VTP is fully part of the IMA TMC family.
It offers a wide range of equipment, such as single roll wrappers, casepackers, bundlers, conveyors and polywrappers. Thanks to the longstanding efforts in Research & Development, IMA VTP applies the latest technologies to create some of the most efficient packaging products in the industry.

Whether you’re looking for a small upgrade to your line or adding a complete new converting facility, we have you covered.


Wrapping, bagging and bundling

We provide market-leading wrapping and bagging machines for the primary packaging of products; our secondary packaging lines make possible to integrate an accumulation system for a greater production efficiency and a significant reduction in downtimes, thanks to the introduction of a new poly on poly welding system.

End-of-line Solutions

We provide case packers from medium to high performance, with the possibility to integrate palletizing systems for the packaging of products in bags, case or in display. Our customized and small footprint robot palletizing solutions can be equipped with different kinds of grip-head units to gently handle all kind of products, including empty pallets and layer picking.

Solutions for Rolls

IMA TMC provides complete solutions and/or individual machines to treat the product from the log- saw to the entrance of the warehouse. Our roll wrapping machines for single or multiple layer pack configurations, together with the bundling machines and case packers for the complete or partial wrapping of packs, are among the most appreciated machines by the market for their high productivity, high efficiency and packaging quality.

Solutions for Folded products

We are able to offer high-performance wrapping machines for the realization of single pack and/or multi-layer packs of tissue folded products. Our cutting-edge technology lead us to develop high-speed case packers, integrated palletizing systems and shuttles especially dedicated to the pallet.

Solutions for Nonwovens

From the converting outfeed up to the palletizing, we provide full packaging lines of baby & adult diapers, light incontinence and bed underpads that make possible to integrate an accumulation system for a greater production efficiency and a significant reduction in downtimes.

Our stacking & bagging machines for the primary packaging of products lead the market and our bundling machines combine the traditional “cut-weld” procedure with the most innovative technologies of robot infeed. We provide case packers from medium to high performance, with the possibility to integrate palletizing systems for the packaging of products in bags or in display.

IMA AMS – Customer assistance and original spare parts

Through a visionary project, we were the first to understand the importance of asset management, creating IMA AMS in 2006, a division dedicated to customer satisfaction exclusively, capable of catering to performance, updating maintenance and preserving the value of your machines over time.

IMA AMS provides IMA TMC original spare parts and high quality components featuring superior technical characteristics, handling total supply traceability and guaranteeing continuity in the operation of the system. Intelligent purchase management and attentive analysis of warehouse rotation guarantee immediate availability for most articles.

IMA AMS service support ensures remote assistance and full service coverage to IMA TMC equipment installed worldwide.


IMA Spares Service and Machinery

IMA Spares Service & Machinery (SSM) was established in 2023 from the merger of Claren Cutting Service, a manufacturer and reseller of spare parts for the tissue market, and Spares & More, a supplier of refurbished and second-hand machines for tissue converting.

This union combines the strengths and competitiveness of both companies into IMA SSM, offering the market:

  • Spare parts for tissue converting lines
  • Production of blades for tissue converting and packaging
  • Retrofitting services
  • Purchase, refurbish and resale of used converting and packaging machines

IMA SSM provides an extensive range of solutions for spares, services, and second-hand machinery for tissue converting and packaging.

IMA TMC - WRAP250 • Tissue roll wrapper

WRAP250 is the answer to the need of a high-speed single to multi-roll wrapper for tissue products. One machine, multiple choices: 250 stands for format and for speed, allowing wrapping up to 250 packs per minute, or single rolls up to 250 mm.

IMA TMC - D-NAMIC • Automatic stacker & bagger

D-NAMIC is a high-end primary packaging complete solution for packaging Baby & Adult diapers, light incontinence and bed underpads in pre-formed bags. D-NAMIC can process both traditional and paper-based packaging materials at high speed.

IMA TMC - CINQUE • Tissue bundler

CINQUE is a high-speed automatic bundler from single roll to any other multi-rolls configuration, for bathroom and kitchen products, with any flexible plastic packaging material, transparent or printed.

International Standard certifications

With the aim of increasing the satisfaction of its customers and improving both internally and externally, IMA TMC has long since embarked on a path for the implementation of International Standard certifications, obtaining the recognition of various certifications for production processes and for the protection of the working and environmental environment.

Quality System - ISO9001

The scope of the Quality System includes the entire life cycle of the product, from the definition phases of new products in the research and development phase and from the sales phases, up to delivery and installation and the after-sales service cycle. IMA TMC has been ISO9001 certified since 2002. Thanks to the Quality System focused on processes, IMA TMC is able to guarantee its customers maximum visibility in the execution of the various project phases, while maintaining a simple and flexible organizational structure.

Environmental management - ISO14001

Organizations of all kinds are increasingly interested in achieving and demonstrating a good level of behavior towards the environment, controlling the impact of their activities, products and services on the environment, adopting an environmental policy and setting objectives of safeguard. The international standard ISO14001 aims to provide organizations with the foundations of an effective environmental management system, for which IMA TMC has been certified since 2018.

Occupational Health and Safety - ISO45001

IMA TMC since 2009 has been adopting the international standard ISO45001, whose scope is Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) with the aim to formalize a management system that leads to eliminating or reducing the risks to which workers are exposed in the performance of their activities in order to provide companies with risk management criteria relating to health and employee safety.

Download Certificates

TMC ISO 9001 Certificate
TMC ISO 14001 Certificate
TMC ISO 45001 Certificate

Offers the most innovative solutions to handle and solve the complexities related to the packaging and handling of Tissue and Personal Care products. From wrapping, bagging and bundling tissue rolls, to the primary packaging of diapers and soft disposable hygiene products. Case packers and end-of-line solutions can complete all production lines.

Production facility:

Tissue Machinery Company S.p.A.

Via I Maggio, 3 – Z.I. Poggio Piccolo
40023 Castel Guelfo (BO) Italy
Tel. +39 0542 676891

Production Facilities

VTP – Valley Tissue Packaging, Inc.
2150 Progress Way – Kaukauna, WI 54130-0558 US
Tel. +1 920 759 2900

TMC do Brasil Ltda
Rodovia Visconde de Porto Seguro
2660, Galpao E Vila Pagano – Valinhos, SP  CEP 13278-327 BR
Tel. +55 19 3112 9550

Spares Service & Machinery S.r.l.
Via del Campo, 1
40012 Calderara di Reno (BO) Italy
Tel. +39 051 6466192

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