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IMA FLX. The One Stop Supplier For Flexible Packaging.

The new IMA FLEXIBLE PACKAGING HUB is where the production of all machines in the flexible packaging chain converge.

Everything needed to process all types of flexible packaging for the Food, Pharma, Wet Wipes and Pet markets is right here.

The full array of leading technologies brought together in one facility, where a one-stop supplier drives the quest for excellence, sustainability, constantly researching innovative solutions and new eco-compatible materials.

Turn-key horizontal and vertical solutions

IMA FLX HUB, taking advantage of synergies and integrations with IMA Group companies and thanks to proven expertise gained in food & non-food industries’ key applications, offers fully engineered solutions delivering highly efficient flexible packaging lines to maximise your line’s OEE, with real time operator-specific production and diagnostics data.

From automatic loading systems to cartoning, from product feeding and handling to single and multiple flow wrapping. Weighing solutions coupled with vertical baggers and end of line equipment.    

IMA FLX HUB is your perfect partner for delivering turn-key horizontal and vertical solutions. Its high-speed flexible automation systems are capable of the highest production throughput requirements.

The portfolio includes also systems for modified atmosphere applications (M.A.P.) and vacuum, as well as machines for 4 side seals multi-lane and sticks, fold pack and sandwiching. The HUB also offers counting solutions, dosing devices and complete, fully automated Doy pouch lines.

The hub companies

Besides HFFS flow wrappers, VFFS vertical baggers and Stand-up machines, IMA Ilapak portfolio includes systems for modified atmosphere applications, feeding, counting and weighing systems and complete, fully automated lines.

IMA Delta Systems is recognized, in the North American market, for automated primary flow wrapping solutions. IMA Delta Systems partners with its customers to create custom designed solutions for automated feeding, grouping, stacking, collating, and other handling applications.

HFFS wrappers and fully automated lines for the packaging of candies, jellies, gums, chocolates, bars, biscuits, wafers and noodles are IMA Eurosicma’s core business.
Starting from the end of the processing lines, customized handling, portoning and buffering systems can be supplied with flow and fold wrappers, both single and multipack.

IMA Record designs and builds horizontal flow pack machines technologically advanced, durable and reliable, interfaced with modular composed automatic feeders, easy to be integrated into automated packaging systems.

IMA Fillshape designs and manufactures pouch making and filling machines for flexible stand-up pouches – with and without spout – for dairy, food, beverage and personal care sectors. It offers the most revolutionary technology in the field of flexible containers, but it leaves the customer free to choose the shape of the pouch, spout and cap.

IMA Tecmar is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of packaging machines and flexible packaging systems for South American market. Vertical baggers, 4 side seals multi-lane and sticks machines are the IMA Tecmar’s flagship products.

OPENLAB is the place to share. 

OpenLab is the IMA Group’s network of technological laboratories and testing area, dedicated to the research on sustainable materials, technologies and production optimization processes.

Thanks to the implementation of the most modern digital infrastructures, together with think tank spaces, environments dedicated to the generation of ideas and the prototyping of materials, we aim to build a connection between knowledge and skills coming from machines, packaging manufacturing and customers.

OpenLab analyzes most of the new sustainable and innovative materials as new compostable, biodegradable, paper-based or ultra-thin film, before they are commercially available in order to run them on vertical and horizontal packaging lines.

Thanks to OpenLab, we are able to design turnkey solutions that perfectly match the sealing and flow characteristics of the chosen film. The offer also includes in-depth tests on new materials, from laboratory analysis to production tests that simulate real life conditions, avoiding downtime and costly errors.

Make informed material decisions

OpenLab has carried out in-depth analysis of the composition and performance of most flexible films available on the market. Drawing on this extensive library and on its own practical experience, IMA FLX HUB can help you to enhance efficiency by selecting the best film for your application.

Technical troubles? OpenLab’ll get shot of them.

OpenLab experts will work through any technical glitches that are preventing your film and your packaging machine from interfacing seamlessly. Whether it’s a different film composition or a mechanical machine fault that is causing an issue, IMA FLX HUB will analyse both material and machine to diagnose the problem and restore reliable performance.

Test tomorrow’s films. Today.

OpenLab evaluates most emerging sustainable and breakthrough materials before they are even commercially available in order to know how to run them on the IMA FLX HUB machines. If you are thinking about introducing a new biodegradable, performance-enhanced or ultra-thin film, be sure to take advantage of OpenLab testing capabilities.

IMA FLX HUB can design a turn-key machine to accommodate the sealing and running characteristics of your chosen film. In addition, the offer includes also thorough testing of new materials, from laboratory analysis right through to trials on production lines that simulate real-life conditions – avoiding actual downtime and costly mistakes.