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Make It Real

IMA Digital is our desire for innovation. The force that drives us in the creation of new digital services to enhance and support manufacturing world.
The goal to be achieved and that pushes us to innovate quality, strengthen reliability and develop a new way of producing.
IMA Digital aims at being an innovative thinking and an extraordinary way to grow. An idea, a concept always in evolution that brings change and that gives life to digital products, virtual tools and smart application – technology sensitive – to obtain full production efficiency in the manufacturing world.




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The packaging industry today is strongly influenced by available technologies and from the development of new processes: not by chance, machines and organizations have been revised to increase the efficiency and the flexibility needed to satisfy ever more rapidly the market requests.

And it’s exactly here that IMA Digital came to life and the most fascinating challenge is found on the digitalization process of the Group:

the Smart and Connected Machines realization, equipment capable of autonomously manage the production and self-regulate through empowered algorithms and superior control logics.

Thanks to the creation of Smart Systems, doable only through the collection and analysis of production data, IMA Digital gave life to the realization of an advanced Smart Factory based on the analysis capacity and the autonomous reworking of data and information coming from the machines.


We are immersed in a reality in which new digital discoveries are radically transforming production areas. The manufacturing world gives life to machines increasingly connected and capable of producing and collecting large amounts of information.

The use of Smart Machines guarantees countless advantages:

  • early detection of problems
  • possibility of performing debugging or preventive maintenance activities
  • guided implementation of changes or format changes

The IIoT is increasingly proving to be the right way to reach the full potential of this new production approach.


In recent years, cyber security has become a dominant theme in the manufacturing world. Hacker attacks are increasingly frequent and put data, systems and people at risk.

The problem is now solved with A4GATE, the integrated hardware and software solution to protect data confidentiality, system operations and operator safety.

A4GATE is the safe place between your smart machines and external remote uncontrolled accesses.


Data Rooms, secure in-cloud environments where production data can be saved, are becoming an increasingly important element in the companies’ production strategy. ​​

IMA Data Room is the in cloud protected and safe virtual space where all information are collected and stored through IIOT technologies and where the data analysis software programs reside.


IMA Sentinel is the platform to autonomously monitor machine conditions in real-time 24/7, collecting raw data and translating them into meaningful and valuable information.

Sentinel provides: Intelligent and dynamic action lists for the operator to help improve efficiency, machine data statistics for smart line harmonization, real average performance for accurate production planning.

Monitor whenever you are your installed base with IMA Sentinel.


The Industry 4.0 model cannot ignore the data and the value they can generate. Connections via digital networks, information organization and interpretation are the ways to obtain optimized production results through event analysis, preventive and predictive maintenance.

IMA Group has carried out various projects regarding the interconnectivity of machines, creating services and products capable of optimizing the user experience of the plants. Thanks to the Control Room services, the customer is able to increase the plant efficiency through the use of detailed reports, specific alerts and general support 24/7 for taking charge of operational problems.


IMA Remote Assistance is the IMA Digital service aimed to offer remote support and restore production quickly. Through selected tools, an IMA operator will be able to promptly support the resolution of technical problems that have occurred on the machine, remotely.

IMA Remote Assistance guarantees:

  • remote support to the operator on-site in real-time ;
  • immediate response to emergencies;
  • an increase of the technical assistance efficiency;

to record/archive solutions found for subsequent use.


In the past, FAT was an activity that had to take place in the factory. But today, with the help of advanced communication technologies, FAT can also be performed remotely.

Through dedicated platforms, IMA is able to offer the opportunity to carry out the checking procedures of the plant testing without the on-site presence of the commissioning technicians. Through streaming mode, the customer actively interacts by participating in online webinars equipped with all the most advanced tools. A live connection is activated between the IMA production plants and the customer’s technical staff connected remotely, ensuring continuity of operations.


Through the IMA Smart Suite Suite APP, IMA customers have full access to a wide range of services, tools and indications to: facilitate and simplify the production activity, speed up and improve the systems management, obtain a more advanced quality of the product.

One solution to facilitate operators and engineers, guaranteeing direct and immediate access to the relevant information: Digital Documentation, Spare Parts e-commerce, Maintenance, Troubleshooting.


The technological developments of recent years have radically changed the rules of production, giving rise to a Business To Business market that opens up to the reformulation of strategies, tools and approaches. ​

With the aim of simplify and speed up the whole order process IMA created MyIMA Spare Parts, the e-commerce platform to order spare parts and keep track of the orders placed. Through the portal the customer is able to immediately view the prices of components and stock availability, create offers and orders and monitor them.​


IMA Service Portal is the web section to track your installed base and the right place to report malfunctions and request offers. Thanks to an intuitive web interface, users explore their facilities, with the possibility of formulating requests for technical assistance.

IMA Customer Service Portal is available 24/7 with a simple click from any place with a web connection. The service allows the customer to download updated line/machine documentation, open new requests to solve problems on the installed bases, standardize spare parts and upgrade requests.


IMA Group has created a wide range of solutions that integrate platforms and tools covering the needs of 360° training. The proposals aim to divide education into phases, designed to anticipate training where it is impossible to involve equipment, and exploit advanced technology where training can be carried out directly on the systems.​

Discover the wide range offers: 

  • IMA DIGITAL CLASSROOM, traditional spaces intended for group training, in which students are guided by expert teachers and supported by latest-generation digital devices.​
  • IMA E-LEARNING, mode in which students train independently when and where they want.​
  • IMA TRAINING ON THE JOB, mode in which operators carry out training directly on the machine with the support of advanced digital devices.  ​


Digitization changes the way we serve our customers. Digital tools support our technicians on duty in their daily work, starting from problem management to get to the different tasks to be performed.

Connected Field Force APP makes our services and customer support more and more efficient in the management of machines and equipment.

Technicians use the APP to track maintenance interventions, interact with the machine, access equipment documentation (also in 3D) or spare parts, obtain instructions for repairing mechanical parts or proceed with a format change.

The application also allows the closure of the request for technical assistance before leaving the customer’s site. The Connected Field Force App guarantees increased productivity, efficiency and competence of operators, reduced downtime, a mobile support for access to digital documentation.


Among the various advanced technologies that it is possible to exploit thanks to data, the collaborative robots – or cobots – seem to see a remarkable peak of popularity.

The main reasons could be their relative convenience and the possibility of working safely in contact with the operators. The Group has introduced collaborative robots within production lines to facilitate work, transferring the heaviest and most repetitive operations to the robot.

Pilot projects are currently ongoing involving different divisions, and which see the experimentation of new forms of collaboration between cobots and operators.

Thanks to highly sophisticated software and a 3D vision system, cobots are able to recognize the right objects, collect them and install them directly on the packaging machine.


Cobots count on sophisticated vision systems, pressure and force sensors, distributed intelligence to quickly interpret what happens in the adjacent three-dimensional space and act accordingly. The smart technology they are equipped with enables them to learn during the work phases to watch, memorize and replicate the gestures made by the operator.

A series of physical advantages such as a lighter structure for facilitated movement and an anthropomorphic appearance allow cobots a better human/machine integration.
The multiple plus systems allow cobots also the anticipated collision prediction and the handling of fragile objects (thanks to pressure sensors capable of simulating human touch).

In manufacturing, what is the ideal way to ensure that maintenance staff and operators can best  manage the installed base quickly, safely and effectively before malfunctions occur? Planned  operator training using the latest Smart Technologies will lead to efficient maintenance that  facilitates production.​

IMA Group has created a wide range of solutions that integrate platforms and tools covering the  needs of 360° training. The proposals aim to divide education into phases, designed to anticipate  training where it is impossible to involve equipment, and exploit advanced technology where training can be carried out directly on the systems.​

Discover the wide range offers: 

  • IMA DIGITAL CLASSROOM, traditional spaces intended for group training, in which  students are guided by expert teachers and supported by latest-  generation digital devices.​
  • IMA E-LEARNING, mode in which students train independently when and where  they want.​
  • IMA TRAINING ON THE JOB, mode in which operators carry out training directly on  the machine with the support of advanced digital devices.  ​


MA’s Digital Classrooms are specially designed environments enabling learning through use of the latest digital technologies. 

Each classroom is staffed with expert trainers who guide trainees through their learning process. Thanks to the combination of know-how and technologies, trainees can practise increasing confidence and interaction skills with the digital copies of equipment, safely and in a risk-free environment. ​

Interactive multimedia formats and Virtual Reality enrich the experience.


The IMA E-learning mode has been specifically designed to allow the trainee to investigate the topics covered in class in greater depth, independently and at any place or time. 

​This mode allows them to review and examine the content more closely, on the same platforms and with the same technologies, offering the chance to undergo tests and exams to establish a degree of understanding.​

The use of interactive multimedia formats and of IMA Virtual Reality contributes to enriching the experience.​


The IMA E-learning mode has been specifically designed to allow the trainee to investigate the topics covered in class in greater depth, independently and at any place or time. 

This mode allows them to review and examine the content more closely, on the same platforms and with the same technologies, offering the chance to undergo tests and exams to establish a degree of understanding.​

The use of interactive multimedia formats and of IMA Virtual Reality contributes to enriching the experience.​


MA Skillgate is a versatile platform dedicated to the world of training. The portal collects all the content dedicated to learning paths in a timely and effective way, dividing them into courses and modules.​​

The platform also monitors and tracks the path of the users enrolled in the training programs and verifies their learning through a series of quizzes and tests: once passed, the user receives the certificate of completion of the related course.​

IMA Skillgate is able to track the training achievements related to both a dedicated training on pc or tablet, but also through the tests proposed within the IMA Virtual Reality. ​


Smart Factories are no longer a dream. They are born from the convergence of virtual and physical worlds as integration between production processes and artificial intelligence, giving life to a wide number of problems and potentialities.

IMA Digital Technologies are the answer to the different digital needs of productions and supply chains. The use of new prototyping (3D printing) and production (AM) systems, integrated with existing plants, allows greater agility, flexibility, better quality and precision in the realization of the final product. 

The Smart Factory includes also a combination of production, information and communication technologies, with a great potential for integration along the entire supply chain.

Cyber-physical devices become machines, warehouse systems and “smart” production facilities able to exchange information independently, interact with trained operators, activate actions and control each other, with a consequent improvement in industrial processes. 

IMA vision of Smart Factory – enhanced by the Digital Engineering – is a place where the main production elements are connected to achieve more fluid management and greater flexibility and reconfiguration.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models can improve almost every aspect of a company, from marketing to sales to maintenance. In the manufacturing field, the rise of the IoT and the unprecedented amount of data it generated has ushered in numerous opportunities for using ML.

Machine learning allows predictive monitoring, with automatic learning algorithms that include numerous types of use: from preventive maintenance (with the prevention of faults before they occur), to the automation of document digitization (effectively reducing flow times of work), passing through quality control (through reading and viewing activities) and logistics.

IMA Group has launched a series of collaborations, partnerships and projects concerning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Among the various activities IMA supports AI in the Additive Manufacturing through Inkbit, a startup born from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Cambridge MIT. The company works on a 3D printer that using Machine Learning techniques is able to correct printing errors in real time, guaranteeing the geometry of the finished product.


Using systems design methods that guarantee time saving and cost saving is one of the emerging needs within modern industrial markets.

Among the different options available, virtual commissioning is starting to be one of the most versatile ways to obtain highly functional industrial plants. The system design on a digital platform can become a valid ally in the realization of complex industrial systems thanks to numerous advantages.

The real potential of virtual commissioning lies in recreating a digital model (or digital twin) which, connected to the controller and sensors, allows the system to be digitally reproduced to bring out design errors and improvements to be implemented.

The virtual commissioning advantages are many:

  • problems and system bugs solved directly in the design phase
  • shortened production times
  • parallel activities on the same project
  • processes optimized for each contact person involved


Additive Manufacturing (or AM), also known as 3D printing, is the set of processes for creating objects starting from digital 3D models, with layer upon layer approach.

IMA has decided to adopt this type of technology, constantly implementing new technical solutions and using innovative processes at all stages of design and production.

The advantages of additive manufacturing are many:

  • the use of the strictly necessary material for the creation of the piece allows the recycling of the excess material (with a reduction in waste, a saving in costs and a lower environmental impact)
  • the versatility of technology allows the creation of an object starting from any CAD project (for greater flexibility and customization).

The AM then opens the way to innovation, by creating new designs or revisiting existing product versions. By introducing the material only where necessary, lighter structures are created with further energy savings to move the components themselves.

Discover more details on the potential of Additive Manufacturing.


Making factories connected and communicating means enhancing a myriad of information flows from partners, products, plants, machines, devices, systems and applications.

Digital innovation makes it possible to connect processes, products and people. The management of this large amount of data opens to the processing and interpretation mechanisms enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and all its derives: from Machine Learning to Deep Learning.

The application of decision models supported by algorithms built for each individual business allows the world of manufacturing a proactive, predictive and, in its most advanced form, prescriptive.


In a Smart Factory, each platform or system acquires its own identity in the digital world through self-identification.

The automated systems develop and enrich: they see, learn and adapt to the environment, guaranteeing superior quality control and interacting with the work of the operator.

With the implementation of digital infrastructures, new wearable devices are created and new human-machine interfaces support operational activities. New areas of application and new treatable materials find space to achieve superior mechanical finishes and strengths.


IMA is a company with an innovative and global vision, in which people have the power to drive change. The Group bases its growth on the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals, the real strength to face the ambitious challenges of the business.

In IMA Smart Factory the individual is increasingly at the center and involved in a dynamic context and devoted to the concepts of Industry 4.0.

And by reflecting on the new IMA Smart Factory, we also thought about the growth and reskill of the most valuable resources for the Group: people.

Within IMA Digital, projects have been launched with the aim of strengthening skills and enhancing know-how. We integrate, train and develop the potential to make learning processes more efficient and facilitate growth.


IMA aims to be a sustainable organization that values ​​skills and people. We plan a thorough and in-depth training for the development of human resources in the various functions. Using Digital Tools and Innovative Approaches, we schedule a wide development of our people on multiple levels.

We adopt a flexible structure to maintain the agility of individual companies within the Group, to better support people’s growth and business innovation.

Digital technology integrates and contributes to the company’s skills mobility, allowing people to be in the right places at the right time.

IMA Digital Services are Technology Sensitive. The level of complexity is varying regarding type of machines and processes.


Discover how to improve your plant to reach
a higher efficiency in your production.



IMA Digital is a project that addresses different development areas and an ever-increasing number of technologies used along the entire value chain.

Find out more about the Project with a series of unpublished editorials, articles that from time to time analyze – through a clean cut – the role that Smart Technologies play today and that will increasingly play in the future in production.

Sensing Future Days – IMA Digital Native, now Reloaded!

Find out the world of IMA Digital through the IMA Digital Sensing Future Days, IMA event entirely focused on the Digital Manufacturing World.

Just a few months after the debut of the very first virtual event marked by innovation, manufacturing processes and top trending topics during the time of social distancing, IMA is back again with a new edition of the Sensing Future Days, two days entirely focused on the Digital Universe of the Manufacturing. During this edition, experts in Digital Industry and established academics made their scientific contribution blended with our technological expertise to give an all-round view of the digital industrial scenario

Projects and Partnerships

The Group boasts numerous prestigious Projects, Partnerships and Collaborations with the aim of contributing to technological progress and constantly increasing the quality of its final product.