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IMA Digital: a project for Process and Packaging 4.0

IMA Digital is the lymph that feeds our growth. We re-think flows and processes to win the digital challenge in the manufacturing world.
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IMA Digital Updates

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IMA Digital: make it real

Our digital lymph is vital energy that nourishes our innovation and makes your business grow.

Deeply rooted in our experience, it flows and branches in production worlds, gathering complex data and seeds of knowledge.

Like a tree, blooming with countless digital impulses, create synapses and new solutions for your Smart Factory.

Born from our digital lifeblood IMA Digital is the global project of the Group to give life to digital activities and innovative services for the manufacturing world.

The initiative covers a series of projects, activities and actions aimed at optimizing internal and external processes.

We integrate technological know-how and new digital skills into classic production paradigms.

We implement 4.0 technology in our flows and train our operators in the use of the most innovative digital tools.

We generate value with improved machines and services, created to offer a predictive and personalized experience.

Smart Machines • Intelligent products

We use acquired knowledge and Machine Learning techniques to create Smart Machines, easily adaptable to environmental conditions, able to learn and suggest improvements.

We are immersed in a reality in which new digital discoveries are radically transforming production areas. The manufacturing world gives life to machines increasingly connected and capable of producing and collecting large amounts of information.

Information that proves to be a new source of knowledge. The related data extracted, matched with the information coming from the manufactures, becomes the keystone to increase production performance and improve the quality of the final product.

The use of Smart Machines guarantees countless advantages:

  • early detection of problems
  • possibility of performing debugging or preventive maintenance activities
  • guided implementation of changes or format changes

The IIoT is increasingly proving to be the right way to reach the full potential of this new production approach.

Smart Services • Enhanced serviceability

The creation of Smart Products that are always connected opens the way to innovative digital applications and services, capable of making the user experience ever more complete and detailed.

By manufacturing products with new data collection and analysis methods, companies are able to obtain all the information relating to the performance of a plant and are thus able to perfect the quality of the final product.

The possibilities that the new digital connections offer are innumerable. Thanks to the modern devices, it becomes possible to access the Digital Documentation related to a line or to an entire system, browse the interactive price list to order spare parts, train operators with certified and structured training.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) become tools to support technical assistance for troubleshooting and training activities.

The Digital Rooms, which are spaces for analyzing production data, and the Service Portal, useful for direct contact with the manufacturer’s technical assistance service, become further tools available to engineers and technicians.

Smart Factory • Connected Enterprise

The Smart Factory of the future is a place where plants improve processes through automation and self-optimization, collaborating in constant synergy with digital platforms and operators.

Thinking about digital, as we do, is the impulse for a better job, a better business, a better life.

However, the fundamental value of the intelligent factory is still to be found within the four walls of the plant.

The Smart Factory can include a combination of production, information and communication technologies, with a great potential for integration along the entire supply chain.

Cyber-physical devices become machines, warehouse systems and “smart” production facilities able to exchange information independently, interact with trained operators, activate actions and control each other, with a consequent improvement in industrial processes. 

IMA vision of Smart Factory is a place where the main production elements are connected to achieve more fluid management and greater flexibility and reconfiguration.

Smart Organization • Empower people through technology

A Smart Organization follows and anticipates the business needs, integrating traditional and historical skills with new advanced digital ones.

IMA aims to be a sustainable organization that values ​​skills and people.

We plan a thorough and in-depth training for the development of human resources in the various functions.

We adopt a flexible structure to maintain the agility of individual companies within the Group, to better support people’s growth and business innovation.

Digital technology integrates and contributes to the mobility of the company’s skills, allowing people to be in the right places at the right time.

Projects and Partnerships

IMA supports the development of ideas and innovative solutions through partnerships and cutting-edge projects, in collaboration with private bodies, universities and institutions of excellence.

IMA bases its values, its mission and vision on developing innovative solutions through relationships and collaborations with private entities, universities, centers of excellence and incubators.

We believe in collaboration and support the development of technical and digital skills through Smart projects.

January, 20-21, 2021
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