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IMA in the Automation market

IMA has a recently established business hub composed of leading companies in the automation industry, dedicated to offering its clients a wide range of technological solutions for assembling and demolding.

Highly specialized companies




IMA AUTOMATION consists of a homogeneous group of companies with over 50 years of experience, each a leader in its sector, specialized in the assembly of components
to be used in several fields of the automation industry, such as medical, caps & closures, automotive and e-cigarettes markets.

The Performance of Assembly Technology

IMA Automation designs and manufactures advanced technology solutions for the assembly of components to be used in several fields of the automation industry.

IMA Automation, the IMA business hub composed of leading companies in the assembly industry, has undeniably proven as one of the most innovative world leader in the field of assembly solutions.

Electronics and mechanics perfectly balanced.

Whether it’s medical devices, caps&closures, e-cigarettes or automotive products, IMA Automation has always gone the extra mile so to make sure its assembly machines were in compliance with the strictest requirements regarding flexibility and re-usability, providing customers with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver peak performances.

The latest Assembly Innovations

UAO! Unending Assembly Opportunities.


The EVO FLEX ROTARY is a fully electronically driven assembly platform, based on space-saving design and ideal for assembling large quantities of complex, market-ready products.

The platform is designed to allow complete flexibility of the system configuration, and has an innovative Pick & Place equipped with 2 or 3 brushless motors for horizontal and vertical movements. It’s a platform that forms the basis for a made-to-measure answer to specific needs.

Expect More • Solutions for Dry-Powder Inhalers

IMA provides the most advanced solutions for DPIs from processing and packaging of the dry powders to the design, assembly and performance enhancement of inhalers.

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