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Optimizing customer experience in machine lifecycle: IMA Digital at Rockwell's OEM Summit in Boston

In today’s manufacturing world-packaging, processing, and assembly-market demands and user needs are evolving at an unprecedented pace. Business challenges such as the scarcity of skilled labor, disruptions in supply chains, and the urgent need to reduce project lead times contribute to an increasing volatility in the industrial landscape.

However, in this ever-evolving scenario, there is a growing demand for smart production by end-users, who increasingly look to digital solutions offered by plant manufacturers to optimize their operations.

IMA Digital’s participation at the OEM Summit, sponsored by Rockwell, presents a unique opportunity to explore this topic. During the speech titled “Cultivating customer experience throughout the machine lifecycle

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 The Omni Boston Hotel
Seaport, Boston USA
10:05 AM – 10:55 AM


Martina Stefanon, Business Development Manager at IMA Digital, will share IMA’s experience in enhancing customer experience within industrial manufacturing. The talk will provide insights and practical strategies to adapt to this change and leverage it as a competitive advantage, through new interaction approaches and the use of digital solutions and platforms that support customers in achieving their objectives.

The key solutions to be presented will focus on the use of AI-powered monitoring platforms for production, allowing real-time remote monitoring of production plants and automation (ensuring greater process efficiency and better quality of the final product). In terms of design, an adoption of a globally recognized and scalable control standard, based on a pre-engineered and systematic approach in the development and implementation of new production lines, will be illustrated. This emphasizes the importance of data and effective information management.

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