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The Personal Care industry is a multifaceted and vibrant sector. To succeed in this dynamic field, it is fundamental to be totally in tune with consumers and their sentiments. It’s about not just meeting but anticipating their needs, staying agile in a landscape where trends can change overnight. Moreover, a forward-thinking perspective must incorporate sustainability as a core principle. This means adopting eco-friendly practices, minimizing waste, and considering the social impact of products and services.

To achieve their ambitious goals, companies require agile and versatile production capabilities, along with suppliers who embrace their objectives and wholeheartedly align with their approach.

This is where IMA comes into play. We stand alongside these companies, enabling them to navigate the market with unparalleled flexibility in production, customized solutions, comprehensive process and packaging lines for their products.

With a global sales and support network, we are always by our customers’ side, offering leading-edge technologies while keeping an eye on future developments.

Within the diverse array of products encompassing the Personal Care sector – including cosmetics, fragrances, personal hygiene, and cleansing items – IMA offers technologies tailored to suit each category. From processing to packaging, we have solutions designed to match the unique requirements of every product. Just as our customers take great care in enhancing personal well-being, IMA places the same level of attention and precision on product handling and automated processes, ensuring excellence at every step of the way.



In IMA, technologies make up a comprehensive alphabet capable of formulating complex sentences with coherent and assertive language. This is because the extensive technology ecosystem allows for a wide variety of advanced technologies, designed to provide customers with complete product lines, from processing to final packaging.


Technology is merely the ultimate expression of a lengthy and intricate process of understanding the market. Above all, it’s about being tuned into the real needs of the customer. It means entering their world, living it day after day, by their side, and evolving with them, designing solutions that are the answers to questions not yet articulated.


Every product is unique, every project is unique. In our view, customer management should also be unique and tailored to achieve the best outcome. Experience is crucial in this regard: it allows us to learn from the past and understand what is repeatable because it is effective, and what is, and must remain, special.


All of IMA’s work in the personal care sector is designed with a focus on sustainability; from the ability to package products with sustainable materials (recyclable, recycled, compostable) to the reduced energy consumption of the machinery itself. We have been studying materials and their production performance for many years, championing those having the least possible impact on both the environment and our customers’ businesses. Sustainable is not a compromise.


We believe in the transformative power of excellence, passion, and innovation. IMA’s journey is fuelled by an unwavering commitment to providing our customers with nothing less than the very best. We have faith in the limitless potential of a forward-looking vision and the ability to build upon past achievements, using them as stepping stones for a brighter, more progressive future.

If you want to know more or just have any curiosity, get in touch with our sales network. An expert will come back to you personally.

From Processing to Packaging Solutions

Personal Care

Thanks to the numerous specialized units within the Personal Care hub, IMA offers complete lines for any type of product required in the sector. IMA provides comprehensive technologies for processing liquids, creams, powders, and solids, aligning with trends towards sustainable products with reduced water and packaging use. The portfolio includes converting technologies for facial masks and wet wipes, advanced filling and sealing machines for tubes, jars and bottles, as well as flow wrappers and forming, filling, and sealing solutions for sachets and stand-up pouches. IMA’s automation technologies enable the assembly of caps and multi-part devices, while the secondary packaging range includes flexible cartoning machines for any product shape and size, single and multiple item wrappers, and final case packers and palletizers. Labelling systems designed for all surfaces and package types complete the packaging solutions, supported by a professional worldwide service network.

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    Filling and Closing
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    Form, Fill and Seal
  • Assembly
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Processing Solutions

IMA offers advanced machines for the preparation of hot creams and products, including turboemulsors with homogenizers, melters, and fluid mixers available in different sizes and options. Our solutions cater specifically to the needs of liquid and creamy products such as creams and shampoos that require precise mixing and processing. Turboemulsors with homogenizers ensure a uniform and stable emulsion, critical for high-quality end products. Melters efficiently handle the melting of waxes and fats, crucial in the production of cosmetics and skincare products. Fluid mixers guarantee consistent blending, vital for maintaining product consistency and performance.

Sustainability, ease-of-use, and marketing differentiation are key drivers in the development of innovative and eco-friendly products. From powder-to-lather shampoos to body and face cleaning tablets, with IMA processing equipment the manufacturing of waterless products has never been so reliable and efficient.

Powder handling, mixing, granulation, and compression. Over the years IMA solutions have demonstrated excellent performance with a number of different applications thanks to the know-how, or better the know-why behind the technical solutions themselves. Besides, IMA technologists are ready to support you in the development and optimization of processes and products both at our laboratory and at your site.

Processing Solutions for Personal Care

IMA Active knows all there is to know about mixing, granulation, tableting and coating.
Today, we make that knowledge available to the personal and home care industry with a world of tailored solutions.

Together we can optimise your processes and innovate your products.

Converting Solutions

IMA’s technologies dedicated to the nonwovens converting cover a full range of processes to manufacture Personal Care items, such as wet and dry wipes, wet mitt and bathing gloves, and cosmetic facial masks.

From the raw nonwoven material into the finished product, IMA converters can perform multiple folding types (length-fold, cross-fold, single rolled and bucket rolls) at very high-speed.

Machine capabilities are characterised by a wide range of substrates (including the most delicate and demanding), reel type (single or semi-jumbo) and process/product controls, to guarantee maximum levels of performance, reliability, and compliance with the strictest sanitary specifications.

Filling and Capping Solutions

Filling, in the broad sense for IMA, encompasses everything from filling and sealing tubes to filling jars and bottles of various shapes and sizes for the diverse needs of the industry. This versatility is crucial as the cosmetic sector is highly image-sensitive, requiring packaging that ensures consumer appeal. The high-quality standards demanded in this field have led cosmetic manufacturers to seek reliable, trouble-free machinery that also offers flexibility and versatility.

IMA’s filling technologies include precision dosing systems, advanced sealing mechanisms, and adaptable formats to handle different container types and materials. These technologies ensure accurate filling volumes, maintain product integrity, and enhance the visual appeal of the packaging. From automated tube fillers and cappers to sophisticated jar and bottle filling lines, the equipment is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the Personal Care sector. The integration of advanced controls and monitoring systems also ensures consistent performance and quality across production runs.

Our professional tube filling experties: technologies born for the cosmetic industry

Experience is an important skill, but one that is not always put to good use in a world continually affected by sudden changes, especially in the technology sector. Because there is a risk of confusing it with tradition and conservative attitude. So yes, let us talk about our experience as an added value in everything we do.

Labelling Solutions

IMA proposes a wide range of labelling machines to be included in complete packaging lines or as stand-alone equipment. IMA has dedicated maximum attention in developing specialised equipment, especially for the personal care market.​

Form, Fill and Seal Solutions

IMA’s flow wrappers and Doypack machines as well as Sachet and Stick packaging systems, are tailored to match Personal Care market needs and deliver maximum production flexibility and efficiency at each performance level. Thanks to its innovative range of machines, IMA can pack any kind of product requested by this industry such as: liquid soaps, facial masks, shampoos, detergent wipes, creams and product in powder and granular formats.​

One-Stop-Shop supplier for sachet applications.

Being a one-stop-shop supplier for the entire line enables IMA to guarantee its customers incomparable advantages that improve the quality of the project and the product.

Handling and Assembly solutions

For the personal care market, IMA started its experience in the 90’s designing customized solutions for roll-on products. Following the market demand, IMA expanded its business areas and today it is able to offer tailor-made solutions for the handling and assembling of a wide range of personal care products, such as deo Roll-on, deo spray, jars, bottle, shampoo, soap, etc.​

Assembly Solutions for Caps & Closures

IMA is able to offer both standard platforms and customized solutions for the handling, demolding and assembly of deo roll-on, spray actuators and dispensers.

Among the assembly platforms, EVO FLEX ROTARY is the latest solution designed by IMA AUTOMATION, ideal for assembling large numbers of products, with several shapes and components.
Fully electronic, it’s quick to install, easy to configure and the best way for the market to respond to customers who are seeking for new levels of customisation.
EVO FLEX ROTARY features an innovative combination of torque driven turntable and servo-controlled pick & place for vertical, horizontal and tilting movements.

Cartoning and Tray Packing Solutions

IMA cartoners have been specifically conceived for the needs of the Personal Care market, simple and easily adjustable machines complemented by tailor-made service packages. Both the horizontal and vertical cartoners are designed according to a modular concept allowing the necessary flexibility to package any cosmetic product at speeds of 40 – 350 cpms with superior product and carton handling thanks to the belt transport technology.​

Perfume Packaging

Enhance your perfume packaging with IMA’s unmatched expertise. Designed for the specific needs of fragrance products, our solutions provide maximum flexibility, and reliable performance. From individual bottles to palletization, IMA ensures your packaging meets the highest standards of quality.

Shrink and overwrapping Solutions

IMA, well-known for its compact overwrapping equipment ensuring ease-of-use and  covering a wide range of speeds and sizes, also offers technologically advanced shrink-wrapping machines with dedicated solutions to handle difficult, unusually shaped products. Efficiency, flexibility and excellent product handling are the key factors which set IMA solutions ahead of competitive machinery. In-depth understanding of the specific demands of the Personal Care sector, together with tried and tested technologies for overwrapping and shrink-wrapping, is one strong reason IMA is able to partner customers with answers to today’s issues and winning opportunities for tomorrow’s objectives.​

Case packing and palletizing Solutions

From wrap-around to side or top loading, all our models are conceived with reduced footprints, however assuring ergonomicity and easy operator access for any type of cleaning or maintenance operations. Our offer includes integrated case-packing and palletizing solutions in a compact structure and with an extremely simple pallet management thanks to the latest improvements in robotic technology.​

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