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Personal & Home Care Products Portfolio

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Ermetika is a high-speed, continuous motion rotary machine assembling, filling and sealing spouts and premade pouches in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. High efficiency and premium quality results for countless products typical of the food and dairy market
How do you fill? Fill Good!
timer Up to 480 pouches/minute
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Jar filling and capping machine. Quick to adjust to any containers and caps to be handled, it grants outstanding performance with a high level of efficiency. All work stations are conveniently positioned within its small monobloc footprint.
A Comadis compact jar filling and capping machine with workstations conveniently positioned within its small monobloc footprint
timer Up to 60 jars/minute
Semiautomatic tubefiller. Suitable for both standard production and laboratory use, this model is now available complete with automatic tube print registration device, for granting highest production quality standards.
The smallest tube filling machine on the market, suitable for most different uses
timer Up to 35 tubes/min
Automatic tubefiller. The modular concept design allows this model to grow up together with customer needs: a lighter early configuration can be completed –in the future– with automatic tube loader, print registration device and many other ancillary equipments.
The only automatic tubefiller on the market with offline filling capability
timer Up to 45 tubes/min
Automatic tubefiller. Born to repeat the success of the extraordinary C960/C970 Series, the new C1060/C1075 Family comes to the market with experience enough to maintain its supremacy in medium speed tubefilling segment.
Compact, smart, effective. Great performance in small footprint.
timer Up to 75 tubes/min
Linear track automatic tubefiller. Based on the linear track design, the CS LINEAR has simple mechanical controls, reduced footprint and servo-driven filling nozzle. Positive advantages gained from other models within the Comadis range greatly assisted to develop and produce the CS LINEAR.
CS LINEAR is the final result of many years’ experience within the global tube filling industry
timer Up to 100 tubes/min
Automatic tubefiller. Available in different levels of automation along with the widest range of additional devices, to grant the “state of the art” of single nozzle technology. Performance is combined to simplicity in change-over sequences and quick dismantling of contact parts.
Complete, fast, easy to use: Comadis C1290 is the ultimate proposal coming from many years experience in tube filling industry
timer Up to 110 tubes/min
Automatic tubefiller. A robust tubefiller, based upon turntable, manufactured to carry out demanding production. Suitable to fulfil different expectations – from large volume bulk production to reduced batches – and marked by efficiency, it’s a clear example of “value for money”.
An effective, accessible twin-nozzle tubefiller based on sturdy mechanical structure
timer Up to 180 tubes/min
Ermetika is a high-speed, continuous motion rotary machine assembling, filling and sealing spouts and premade pouches in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. High efficiency and premium quality results for countless products typical of the food and dairy market
How do you fill? Fill Good!
timer Up to 480 pouches/minute
Designed from the operator’s view point: all functions are visible and easily checkable. Inspired by highly accurate logic controls, this Comadis linear-track tubefiller offers wholly reliable performance, gaining the operator’s trust from the outset.
Linear design, fully servo-driven: the finest proposal for advanced tube filling
timer Up to 200 tubes/min
Automatic tubefiller. Marked by a genuinely impressive real output, this “large size” model produces many tens of thousands of filled tubes each production shift, with the benefit of a triple nozzle configuration that has been continuously improved and upgraded along the years.
The triple-nozzle design grants a quick pace operation, whatever the products and tube sizes
timer Up to 240 tubes/min
Vertical intermittent motion sachet machine. BETA Series ensures high performances thanks to the advanced technology developed. Benefit from the maximum flexibility in terms of configurations and production outputs to find the best solution for your goals.
The sachet machine you can rely on
timer Up to 700 sachets/min.
Horizontal intermittent sachet machine. KAPPA Series is simply the highest expression of flexibility. These machines have been conceived to be fully customised according to customer requirements: huge range of sachet configurations handled, products and accessories fed, sachet sizes covered.
Simply the highest expression of flexibility
timer Up to 140 sachets/min.
Vertical intermittent motion stick machine. High technology applied in a very compact machine. STICK Series has been developed to ensure the highest productivity standards as no one in the market. These machines guarantee also high flexibility in terms of output and dosing sytems to meet any requirement
Maximum benefits with minimum space
timer Up to 780 sticks/min.
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