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IMA Life • Filling systems & labbelling

Great attention to product presentation

Modularity and flexibility

Filling applications for personal care products means dealing with one of the most demanding packaging fields. Cosmetic containers are often of irregular and complex shape, the products have very different physical characteristics and there is an extremely wide range of closures.

IMA Life has been producing filling machines for over forty years and knows what the personal care industry needs: modularity and flexibility.

We focus on these two main criteria to design our equipment.

To complete our offer, we propose a wide range of labelling machines to be included in complete packaging lines or as stand-alone machines. High care and attention are characteristics we have been focusing on to realize machines specifically dedicated to the personal care sector.

That is why our offer results in a special line of machines, that, along with the already well-known and established fillers, have the specific purpose of satisfying current and future production requirements.