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STRETCH BANDING AND SHRINK WRAPPING MACHINE. Designed to bundle bottles or cartoned bottles and shrink wrap them with PE film in the extremely compact T600 tunnel, the MS560 ensures time-saving efficiency, ergonomics, ease-of-use and top quality execution.
Efficient processing with downtime kept at minimum.
timer 40 cycles/min.
MS280 Series
MS280 Series
STRETCH BANDING AND SHRINK WRAPPING MACHINE. Built to match the performance of high-speed production lines, the MS280 attains impressive speeds thanks to its refined servo driven technology. Cartons are stacked in multiple layers and when handling bottled items, these are collected in several rows.
Bundle and wrap for top performance production lines.
timer 100 cycles/min.
STRETCH BANDING AND SHRINK WRAPPING MACHINE. Designed to offer high speed production, simple operation and a compact footprint, the MS260 comes in different versions according to specific needs. High speed stacking, carton tilting and a shrink tunnel can be integrated into this high-performance unit.
Top speed, totally easy, extremely compact.
timer 60 cycles/min.