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Cosmetic hair products seminar • 21 September, 2023

The event takes place from 21/09/2023 to 21/09/2023

IMA Active at Cosmetic hair products seminar

IMA Active is pleased to attend the Cosmetic hair products seminar, which will be held in Bologna Italy, on September 21, 2023.

The seminar aims to provide an overview of the hair cosmetic products market, examine industry regulation, chemistry and development of hair products to talk about dyes and bleaching powders and will end with AI developments applied to the sector.

The event will be held at Villa Guastavillani (BO) in collaboration with Bologna Business School and with the patronage of the Interprovincial Order of Chemists and Physicists of Emilia-Romagna.


During the seminar Mirko Tassinari, Business Development Foods&Chemicals at IMA Active, will give the presentation “Sustainability and new trends: the cosmetic tablets”.

Sustainability, ease-of-use, marketing differentiation, these are only a few drivers for development of innovative and eco-friendly products. From powder-to-lather shampoos to body and face cleaning tablets, from water-activated powder beauty masks to toothpaste tablets, with IMA processing equipment the manufacturing of waterless products has never been so reliable and efficient.

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Presentation: Sustainability and new trends: the cosmetic tablets

Where: Bologna, Villa Guastavillani
Time: 2.15 pm
Speaker: Mirko Tassinari, Business Development Foods&Chemicals at IMA Active

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