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Post published on 25/10/2023

For over half a century in many fields, including cosmetics!


Experience is an important skill, but one that is not always put to good use in a world continually affected by sudden changes, especially in the technology sector. Because there is a risk of confusing it with tradition and conservative attitude. So yes, let us talk about our experience as an added value in everything we do.

We were founded back in 1970 with the precise mission of building tube filling machines, and we still do that! Our presence in the IMA world imposes a daily challenge, which we gladly accept. On the one hand, listening to our customers who keep suggesting how to improve the machines year after year. On the other, the attention to new trends and the desire for innovation that is inherent to IMA. We try to bring them together… this is our daily task, which we do to the best of our ability! 

Our experience in the cosmetic field

Since the beginning of its activities, COMADIS has mainly focused on two application areas: pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. While it is true that – up until the 1990s – there was a difference in the needs of these two types of customers, since the 2000s these have gradually decreased. In essence, the cosmetics sector has benefited from the demanding requirements (production and documentation) of the pharmaceutical sector, to the point of thinning this hypothetical boundary!

Drawing on its valuable experience in the pharmaceutical industry, COMADIS has transposed its characteristic themes into typically cosmetic contexts, more oriented towards customization.

An immense world of products goes to collapsible tubes…

Collapsible tubes are a popular packaging option for various cosmetic products, as they are convenient and allow for easy dispensing.

Lip Balm, hand creams and lotions, sunscreens, body lotions, makeup products, moisturizers, facial serums are just some of the beauty products that are filled in the tubes.

There is also a whole world of hair care: shampoos, hair styling gels, conditioning hair masks and hair colors – just to mention a few examples.

For men’s cosmetics, we cannot fail to mention shaving creams and gels, aftershave balms, while for personal care, we fill a variety of different types of toothpastes, including the striped ones (twin or triple color).

Covid-19 pandemic also launched a massive production of hand sanitizers.

Last – but certainly not least – there are all creams dedicated to infancy, including zinc-based products for babies.


… and each of these requires a specific machine configuration

The fact that they all belong – in some way – to the cosmetics sector does not mean that they can be treated in the same way. On the contrary! Specific items are needed to make a filling machine suitable for processing a certain product, with performance and reliability. For this, we rely on our experience!

Not only that. Many of our customers in the cosmetics industry ask us to process very different products with a quick reconfiguration of the machine. And we have been doing this for some time now!

Trusting in the good design of our models, we offer additional devices that can be quickly added to or removed from the machine to make it capable of coping with very different production requirements.

Of course, the electronic management of our machines has made a significant contribution to their ability to adapt to different production setups.

That all, backed up by excellent supporting documentation, which gives the customer the possibility to operate quickly and in total autonomy.

Our range of machines covers production needs up to 200 tubes/min

All based on rotary table technology, continuously evolved on the basis of our customers’ changing experiences, our models belong to three macro families.

On the single-nozzle side, the C1060/C1075 series represents an excellent entry-level in the field of tube-filling machines, already incorporating features typical of models in the higher category; while the C1290/C1210 series ‘pushes’ on production speed, achieving an unexpectedly high productivity.

While our multi-nozzle models allow a massive production speed still keeping the ease of use typical of every COMADIS machine: twin-nozzle CD180 for real production speeds of 140+ tubes per minute, and triple-nozzle CT240 to achieve 200+ real tubes per minute.

We are on line

It might seem like just a play on words “we are on line”.

We mean, we are in line with all the other solutions provided by IMA Divisions!

The “line” concept is what has characterised our machines since we joined the IMA world (many, many years ago).

We are able to offer everything that is needed to package flexible tubes: from the tube packer to the cartoning machine, and then on to the wrapping machine, cartoner – and even palletiser if required.


When we take on the responsibility of supplying a complete packaging line, we guarantee – as the only partner – that its performance and efficiency will be achieved and maintained (over time).

Each Division of IMA brings its own experiential contribution, but the interlocutor is unique, and the customer can rely on it.

This is no small advantage.


If you want to know more or just have any curiosity, get in touch with our sales network. An expert will come back to you personally.


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If you want to know more or just have any curiosity, get in touch with our sales network. An expert will come back to you personally.

C945 - Automatic tubefiller

C1060/C1075 series - Automatic tubefiller

C1290 - Automatic tubefiller


CD180 - Automatic tubefiller

CT240 - Automatic tubefiller

RTV136 - Jar filling and capping machine