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Perfume Packaging

Enhance your perfume packaging with IMA's unmatched expertise. Designed for the specific needs of fragrance products, our solutions provide maximum flexibility, and reliable performance. From individual bottles to palletization, IMA ensures your packaging meets the highest standards of quality.

In the world of Personal Care, the Perfume Industry plays a significant role. It requires special production conditions due to the high value and precious nature of the products. 

Following market trends, perfume bottles often have very unique and irregular shapes and can be delicate, requiring active, controlled, and precise handling for safe movement. 

Additionally, the packaging itself can represent a part of the proposal, so it’s important that the pack remains perfectly intact, without any defect or damage. 

It requires extreme modularity, flexibility, and expertise.

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  • Cartoning
  • Over Wrapping
  • End of Line Solutions

The automatic cartoners designed by IMA offer different approaches to meet every need, depending on the specific bottle type and packaging requirements.

Thanks to robotic feeders, any bottle type can be handled with precision. The carton transports are designed to be compatible with the demanding Personal Care sector. Depending on the required final configuration, the cartoners offer the possibility to handle various formats and configurations.

Considerable flexibility in formats, the ability to handle various product sizes and, at the same time, different configurations within the packaging: standing or flat perfume positioning, presence of accessories or booklets inside the carton, application of liner to provide stability to the bottle or simply for aesthetic purpose.

Vertical cartoning

Continuous and intermittent vertical cartoner.
High-speed vertical cartoner.

Ideal for handling high-value perfumes, VERTICARE is designed to delicately package precious bottle and carton materials. Its modular design allows for a wide range of optional features, enabling customization to accommodate various product configurations and accessories within the packaging.

Capable of receiving products with or without pucks and handling up to 300 ppm, the FTC578-C is designed for modularity configuration as well as high-speed operation. FTC578-C is able to package products such as perfumes and lotion bottles, having regular and irregular shapes. This modular machine can integrate multiple feeders for liners, booklets, and any other accessory.


Horizontal Cartoning

Intermittent horizontal cartoner.
Continuous or intermittent option horizontal cartoner.

The renowned X Series cartoners stands out for its ability to handle an extensive range of formats. With a variety of feeding options, the X family ensures the ability of handling the unique features of different fragrances, making it the ideal choice for a wide array of packaging requirements.

FLEXA is your go-to solution for efficiently and flawlessly packaging an array of perfume variations, including the delicate art of presenting fragrance samples in various pocket-sized folders.

FCW 300
Horizontal cartoner from flat blanks.

The FCW300 is a fully automatic cartoner for various packages such as cartons and wallets in different styles and shapes, especially suitable for perfume samples. The product infeed can be custom-designed to align with the release of the upstream machine, facilitating the seamless transfer of relevant products to the flat blank.

IMA has always focused heavily on these processes and has created specific film winding, conveyor, cutting and sealing systems to ensure that the film is always cut with a geometrically precise fold and sealed without wrinkles, air bubbles or other blemishes. Overwrapping machine can run both with opp, recyclable and compostable films as well as with paper to mitigate environmental impacts and allow for a more efficient use of resources.

Single or bundled product high speed wrapping machine.
FTO513 Series
Single or bundled product high speed wrapping machine.

The HYWRAP20 has been conceived as a hybrid solution capable of switching from film to paper without size changeover.
Its compact footprint and cantilever structure allow for accessibility and ease of maintenance. Servomotors are all placed on the back of the machine.

The FTO513 can handle up to 330 ppm and features several technically advanced solutions to ensure top quality appearance of the packages. It accommodates a variety of innovative and sustainable materials.


From wrap-around to side or top loading, all our models are conceived with reduced footprints, however assuring ergonomicity and easy operator access for any type of cleaning or maintenance operations. 

Any of our solution is devised to ensure total control throughout all stages of the packaging process.

Our offer includes integrated case packing and palletizing solutions in a compact structure and with an extremely simple pallet management thanks to the latest improvements in robotic technology.

FTB TL Series
Top loading cartoner.

The FTB TL Series ensures excellent production efficiency, quick size changeover, and minimal maintenance requirements. Its modular design allows for maximum flexibility, enabling the processing of various products packed into minimally sized boxes to significantly reduce material consumption and the need for void-fill techniques.

Wrap-around case packer.

Built to pack individual or bundled products into cases, display boxes or trays starting from flat blanks, the MMP400 wrap around case packer features servo technology enabling speeds of up to 30 cases/minute and extremely smooth handling.

Side loading case packer.

Designed to satisfy all of your case packing requirements.
The machine has been built to maximize efficiency and ease of use in an ever increasingly demanding workplace, to guarantee maximum ergonomy and to ensure total access to all modules.

Top loading case packer.

Maximum attention to ergonomics is a hallmark of this case packer, as it is with all IMA BFB equipment for the cosmetics industry. In order to be as operator-friendly as possible, the case erecting mechanism is designed to ensure low positioning of the horizontal case magazine, which also ensures increased autonomy. 

2 or 4 stations palletizer.

Built to deliver maximum productivity and efficiency, these latest-generation palletizing solutions offer exceptional flexibility. Based around a 6-axis robot which picks up incoming cases, ink-jet printing and labelling or weighing them, everything is carried out efficiently.