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Corporate Social Responsibility

In planning its strategies, the IMA Group takes account of the economic, social and environmental impact of its operations, adhering to the principles of sustainable growth and of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Letter of the Chairman

Dear Readers,
2019 was another year of growth for IMA S.p.A., with revenue of 1,595.5 million euros and approximately 6,200 employees operating in 45 production sites in Italy and around the world. These considerations on the positive results achieved by our Group in 2019 come at a time of global emergency that sees all of us making every effort to get through it together.

Our packaging machines help in the production processes of the food and pharmaceutical industries, which are of vital importance for the population in general. IMA is required to perform activities that are an integral part of the food and pharmaceutical supply chains, guaranteeing its customers the necessary assistance and, at the same time, maximum safety for all their workers, especially those engaged in the front line of production processes.

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With the Code of Ethics the Group guarantees equal opportunities of the employees and commits to preventing every form of abuse, exploitation and discrimination.
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During 2019, IMA companies supported numerous social, cultural, education and sports activities: 49 sponsorships and donations to third parties, 12 social projects and activities for employees and 50 trade associations joined by IMA.
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IMA considers continuing education a strategic resource. Overall, in 2019, more than 100,000 training hours were provided, increasing by about 20% every year since 2012; globally, the average number of hours' training per employee was 16.37.
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Through its Suppliers' Code of Conduct, IMA shares values and principles of reference with its suppliers, so that they too contribute to the development of a sustainable production chain and, in turn, work towards responsible management of sub-suppliers.
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The IMA Group owns more than 1,700 patents and patent applications in the world.
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In order to carry out its commitment to the gradual re-duction of direct and indirect emissions, in 2012 IMA joined the Supply Chain Program of the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) and, starting from 2014 also to the Climate Change Program.

Sustainability Strategy

In planning its strategies, IMA takes account of the economic, social and environmental implications of its work, with the objective to guarantee a balance among competitiveness, environmental sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. As the basis of its Sustainability Policy, IMA takes into consideration:
  • the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), identifying those that are most relevant to its value chain;
  • the needs of its customers and markets, focusing on the sustainability characteristics that packaging will have to have in the future;
  • local and global partnerships, encouraging the economic and social empowerment of the communities involved.

Governance and Business Integrity

  • Transparence Governance towards stakeholders
  • Progressive integration of social responsibility throughout the organization
  • Internal control and risk management system
  • Training of the Italian companies’ staff
  • Code of ethics

Through its Code of Ethics, IMA defines the ethical and social responsibilities of its members and stakeholders and the rules of conduct that must be complied with by all those who work for IMA and on its behalf.

Classroom training in 2019 involved 222 employees of IMA and other IMA's companies for a total of 230 hours. 23 employees had courses for a total of 23 hours through the e-learning platform for training on Legislative Decree 231/01.


Community and development of knowledge

IMA’s social commitment resulted in over 2 mn euros (grants and donations).

This amount includes the resources allocated to social responsibility projects, expenses incurred for the benefit of employees and fees paid by IMA to join representative on industry associations.



  • Growth and training
  • Health and safety
  • Enhancing diversity
  • Equal opportunities

People are genuinely a capital asset for IMA and they benefit from a process of personal and professional growth that is aligned with the culture of the Company and its role as a producer of economic and social value. Training and active involvement are considered the keys for the development of skills and empowerment of employees and collaborators.


Product quality and liability

  • End-user satisfaction
  • Economic value for all its stakeholders
  • Suppliers’ Code of Conduct
  • Responsible management of the supply chain
  • Quality Policy

End-user satisfaction is the final expression, a logical consequence, of a company strategy aimed at Sustainability, in which all of the IMA's resources are involved by taking part in company processes.

In July 2019 a completely revised multimedia version of IMA's Quality Policy was issued, and subsequently distributed to all IMA's employees in Italy and abroad. The new version focuses on the alignment with the IMA Digital Agenda for Industry 4.0, which is currently being implemented.


Innovation, research and development

Given the complexity of the markets in which it operates and the dynamism of its growth, IMA requires a greater centrality and transversality of research and development skills, implemented by following two guidelines:
  • research and development of machinery and equipment in a specific market segment: carried out within the individual divisions;
  • experimentation and implementation of new technologies, technological scouting, creation of international cooperation relations, cooperation with research centres: performed by the Innovation structure.


  • Promotion of responsible behaviors along the value chain
  • Impact reduction
  • Innovative and environmentally friendly packaging

The IMA Group has prepared programs and initiatives designed to progressively reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency in the use of energy resources.

Various methods have been adopted to reduce energy consumption: from the adoption of responsible behavior by the personnel, to investment in efficient or low energy plants, machinery and devices, through the implementation of supervisory systems in technological plants for their monitoring and control.


CSR according to IMA

Economic Sustainability

IMA’s strategy aims to create profit to remunerate its shareholders, but also economic value for all of its stakeholders. This is based on the primary objective of IMA’s business: end-user satisfaction.

Continuous investment in technology and constant improvement in the quality and reliability of products allowed IMA to open new foreign branches, create joint ventures with other industry players and partnerships in the academic and scientific field; in this way, IMA is able to serve its end-users more and more quickly and efficiently, obtaining a competitive advantage.

Social Sustainability

Professional growth, quality of the work environment and collective well-being are all part of industry’s responsibility towards society. IMA is committed to ensuring them through training, prevention and investment in the local territory.

Professional and human know-how and skills form a heritage that the Group intends to develop. Thanks to a management team that is sensitive to the problems of society and the development of culture, IMA also supports various local initiatives and international projects.

Environmental Sustainability

Energy management, carbon footprint, proper waste disposal are just some of IMA’s programmes to protect environmental resources in Italy and the world.

Even though IMA’s business is non-polluting and has a limited impact on the environment, every effort is made to minimise any impact that may derive from the production cycle.

IMA CSR Report addresses the need to communicate a responsible path, made of sustainable conduct, practices and products, which the Company initiated several years ago

Governance and Ethics

Underlying IMA’s sustainability policy is transparent governance, which the Group wants to apply when managing the impact of its decisions and activities.

Transparency is understood as being towards all stakeholders and should inspire socially responsible conduct that leads to sustainable development.

IMA was one of the first Italian companies in the industry to have a Code of Ethics. It defines the ethical and social responsibilities of stakeholders and the rules of conduct that those who work for the Group and on its behalf have to comply with.

The Packaging Valley

The advanced mechanics and industrial automation cluster of Emilia-Romagna has strong roots: great passion and an in-depth understanding of packaging, automation and engineering in general has given rise in Emilia-Romagna to a network of companies dedicated to advanced engineering. Often they are born from one another, carving out their own specific niche and helping to forge a well-defined territorial identity, thanks to the exchange of ideas and transfer of draftsmen and engineers from one company to another. The existence of many specialist schools in the area also facilitates the generational renewal of technicians, assuring the continuity of skills.

Environment and Safety

IMA has management systems that have been certified by independent third parties. In particular, IMA SpA has ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System, and ISO 45001 certification for its Health and Safety Management System.

IMA CSR Reports

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