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Environmental, carbon management systems and related risk

The IMA Group has prepared programs and initiatives designed to progressively reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency in the use of energy resources. This action includes work by IMA S.p.A. to obtain ISO 14001 certification of its Environmental Management System (EMS). In 2021 IMA S.p.A, the Italian companies Tissue Machinery Company S.p.A. and Atop S.p.A (which is further certified and registered in EMAS) and the foreign company IMA MAI S.A. confirmed the certification of their Environmental Management System, which provides for:
• Appointment and training of employee emergency teams to carry out audit, supervision and control activities to verify the correct application of its procedures, including with reference to potential emergency situations (e.g.: spillage of dangerous substances into the soil and / or into receiving water bodies);
• the planning of the activities of training resources aimed at increasing their sensitivity to environmental problems and reducing energy consumption, ensuring their knowledge and competence;
• providing information to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers of goods and services about the content of environmental policies and procedures, requiring their respect and application.

IMA fully complies with the regulatory requirements in force and each IMA Group Company in Italy is in possession of all the authorisations issued by the competent bodies relative to atmospheric emissions derived from mechanical processes carried out internally which produce pollutants which are appropriately transported and sucked into special air ducts, filtered and purified before expulsion. Compliance with the limits on atmospheric emissions is monitored and specific analyses are carried out with the frequency established by law. This is confirmed by the fact that in 2021 there were no fines or sanctions for non-compliance with environmental legislation (with particular reference in Italy to Legislative Decree 152/2006) for any company of the IMA Group in Italy. To a lesser extent, inasmuch as they potentially derive from the work performed in the workplace, IMA has carried out specific measurements at its main plants aimed at assessing and highlighting its own regulatory compliance in terms of the acoustic and electromagnetic pollution of the surrounding environment, also respecting the quality objectives set by legislation for the protection of any civilian populations living near industrial sites. The direct and indirect impacts related to water consumption, although not very significant, are monitored continuously. The waste water generated can essentially be compared with domestic waste water. The IMA companies in the world manage environmental matters in compliance with current local regulations.