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Environmental management and risk management systems

The IMA Group has prepared programs and initiatives aimed at continuous reduction of environmental impacts and improving efficiency in the use of energy resources.

This line of action also includes the path initiated by the Parent Company IMA S.p.A. for the certification of its Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015, the most accredited standard in the world. During the year the certification was updated for the head office of IMA S.p.A. and the plant in Via I ° Maggio 14-16, including the unit in Via Libertà 1-15. Certification was also extended to other plants of IMA S.p.A. and other subsidiary companies (Gima TT S.p.A., Corazza S.p.A., Gima S.p.A.). ISO 14001 certification is also envisaged for these companies during 2019.

IMA Group companies have an environmental impact essentially in three significant areas:

• waste management
• energy consumption
• greenhouse gas emissions

As regards these impacts, it is worth emphasizing that IMA fully complies with the regulations in the way that they are handled, as each Group company has all of the required authorizations from the competent authorities, where applicable.

To a lesser extent, inasmuch as they potentially derive from the work carried out in the workplace, IMA has performed specific measurements at its main plants aimed at assessing and highlighting its own regulatory compliance in terms of the acoustic and electromagnetic pollution of the surrounding environment, also respecting the quality objectives set by legislation for the protection of any civilian populations living near industrial sites.

The main activities carried out include:

• installation of technological systems with a lower direct or indirect environmental impact;
• training for staff on environmental issues;
• monitoring consumption of the main energy carriers.

The environmental data reported here reflect the higher production volumes that have characterised recent years, from 2010 onwards, thanks to an increase in orders and sales, as well as the change in the Group scope as a result of new acquisitions.

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