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IMA Safe offers complete primary and secondary packaging lines to the pharmaceutical and extra-pharma industries.

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IMA Safe Division: the value of safety

In 1976 IMA started manufacturing automatic machines for the packaging of pharmaceutical products by launching the first monobloc blister packaging machine.

Today IMA Safe Division benefits from this valuable heritage together with the experience of the former IMA Packaging Division and other group companies operating in primary and secondary packaging.

IMA Safe Division, whose production plant is located in Italy’s Ozzano dell’Emilia, manufactures for IMA Safe Swiftpack, IMA North America (IMA Safe Nova), Perfect Pack, OMAS Tecnosistemi, IMA Safe Comadis and IMA Safe PG. Such diversity allows IMA Safe to offer extremely flexible solutions suitable for every need: it designs and manufactures complete lines for primary and secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

From simple to complex projects

A team of experts and specialists is able to coordinate from simple to the most complex projects, including requests for customisation and integration of external devices. The innovative technologies offered by IMA Safe ensure the best results in terms of error minimisation, time and product wastage. 

  • IMA Safe’s machines mean
  • GMP compliance
  • Modularity
  • User-friendly, failsafe functionality
  • Small footprint
  • Simplified cleaning procedures
  • Long life
  • Fast and repeatable changeovers
  • Extremely high production efficiency

Follow the Effervescent Tablets Applications Line

Being the All-In-One Pharma supplier for the entire line enables IMA to guarantee its customers incomparable advantages that improve the quality of the project and the product.

The All-In-One pharma supplier for Parenteral Products Packaging

The secondary packaging of parenteral products such as vials, ampoules, syringes, insulin pens and inhalers is a highly complex process in terms of managing product, packaging and production flexibility.

Strips complete packaging line

Hygiene, safety, protection, prevention. These words are increasingly resonant today. They play an ever greater role in our lives. Packaging is also changing, leaning towards disposable packages. ​

Explore all our technologies

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  • Blister Packaging
    Blister Packaging
  • Tray Packaging
    Tray Packaging
  • Tube Filling
    Tube Filling
  • Sachet and Stick Packaging
    Sachet and Stick Packaging
  • Tablet and Capsule Counting
    Tablet and Capsule Counting
  • Cartoning

IMA Safe boasts the widest range of blister solutions on the market, from clinical trials and highly customised tray packaging solutions to ultra high-speed blister machines handling up to 1300 blisters/minute compatible with cartoners managing up to 500 cartons/minute.

In the pharmaceutical feeding systems sector IMA Safe is the worldwide leader boasting an efficiency of 99.9% and extreme flexibility, its feeding systems make up more than 10,000 installations and feature the latest feeding technologies.

IMA Safe can also satisfy all the customers’ needs in terms of layout offering monobloc machines with a positive transport to the cartoner or stand-alone machines equipped with a blister magazine.

IMA Containment technology in blister packaging

IMA Safe meets the most strict safety requirements in blister packaging with customized containment solutions reducing to the minimum the exposure of the operator and the risk of contamination for your product.

The IMA Safe range of thermoforming machines and paper tray packaging lines reaches high speeds while preserving design and ergonomics, making them easy to use.

A vast choice of products can be packed such as ampoules, vials, syringes and many others thanks to the application of robotic systems in the feeding and connection areas.

Our tray packaging solutions can be integrated with different IMA Safe machines; the modular design of the lines enables a highly compact footprint and guarantees maximum layout flexibility, which can be designed entirely according to customer requirements.

Paper tray packaging line

IMA Safe has developed a highly flexible solution for packaging a wide range of parenteral products and medical devices on paper trays inside cartons, creating 100% paper-based packaging.

Using paper is a valid solution for secondary packaging because it is made from renewable resources, is easy to recycle, has relatively low energy requirements and is biodegradable.

IMA Safe robotic feeding system for the most demanding packaging

Progress requires foresight and not jumping the gun. We have long chosen to always draw on our widely established experiences because they give us the confidence to look to the future whilst knowing who we are.

Being part of IMA Group, and in full synergy with other divisions, Comadis is daily committed to achieve excellence in both quality and performance. From designing to final machine assembling, all our industrial processes are profitably shared within IMA Safe division producing, among other equipments, a complete range of versatile cartoning machines and smart “end od line” technologies.

A wide choice of advanced configurations and options makes our tube packaging lines really “avant-garde”, and flexible enough to meet the changeable expectations of today’s customers worldwide.


Sachet and stick packaging machines by Perfect Pack have been developed to meet any kind of requirement from the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets.

All the machines in the portfolio work with intermittent systems and can be equipped with a wide range of dosing systems for any product and accessory to pack. Thanks an advanced technology developed, a high level of efficiency and ease of size changeover and cleaning operations are guaranteed.

Both sachet and stick packaging machines can be easily connected with different downstream machines. IMA Safe is able to offer complete and customizable lines that cover all possible requirements. Different layout solutions are available thanks to the CLA stacking and transfer systems, between primary and secondary packaging.

Everything appears as it is, complete.

Perfect Pack, the leader in the automatic sachet and stick packaging machine sector, joins the offering of IMA Safe, which supplies a comprehensive range of packaging solutions from A to Z.

IMA counting offers a full product range of electronic and slat tablet counters compliant with GMP criteria and able to process up to 400 bottles per minute.

IMA is the only company offering complete lines of counting machines: unscramblers, desiccant inserters, bottle blowers, tablet elevators, cottoners, cappers and, of course, electronic and slat tablet counting machines, the heart of our production.

High performance is reached thanks to IMA counting technologies, which allow extremely high counting accuracy for maximum performance and minimum time and product wastage.

MINILINE. Mini space, maxi possibilities.

It’s time to discover MINILINE, the new integrated counting system with a simple and superior footprint.

IMA Safe manufactures equipment, which covers all production needs: from low to high speed, from basic stand-alone equipment to highly customised lines. The possibility of using patented robotised systems makes IMA cartoners compatible with all product types such as blisters, trays, vials, ampoules, syringes, medical devices, bottles, tubes, sachets and strips, flowpacks as well as most non-pharma products.

IMA ancillary equipment are designed to maximise the efficiency of the cartoners and to cover all customer needs: leaflet folding unit, booklet insertion, huge selection of coding systems, bar code reader, camera and printing unit.

Together with IMA BFB, IMA Safe offers complete lines with various end-of-line solutions: shrink-wrapping machines, overwrapping machines, tray packing machines, case packing machines, palletisers and Track&Trace solutions.


IMA Safe robotic feeding system for the most demanding packaging

Progress requires foresight and not jumping the gun. We have long chosen to always draw on our widely established experiences because they give us the confidence to look to the future whilst knowing who we are.

IMA Safe Division designs and builds a complete range of primary and secondary packaging machines for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. Blister machines, cartoners, counting machines, sachet and stick machines and tube fillers are the six products powered by IMA Safe. These can be designed to constitute complete tailor-made production lines.

Production Facility:
Via Europa, 2-4-6 – 40064 Ozzano dell’Emilia (Bologna), Italy
Tel. +39 051 4563970

Production Facilities

IMA-PG India Private Limited • Plot No. R-677, MIDC, T.T.C. Indl. Area – Thane Belapur Road, Rabale – Navi Mumbai 400 701, India
Tel. +91 22 6717 9000 • Indore Manufacturing Unit No. II 396/1 & 396/2 Sanwar Road, Village Limbodagari, Tehsil Hatod, District-Indore, M.P. – 453 111, India. Tel. +91-731- 6622201-09 – Fax.+91-731- 6622210

Co.Ma.Di.S. S.P.A. • Via Piemonte, 34 – 20030 Senago (Milano) – Italy
Tel. +39 02 9901 0284 

IMA North America Inc. • 7 New Lancaster Road – Leominster – MA 01453, U.S.A.
Tel. +1 978 537 8534 – Toll Free 800 851 1518 

IMA Swiftpack Ltd.• Swiftpack House, 3 Arden Road – Alcester – Warwickshire B49 6HN, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 (0) 1789 400 880

Perfect Pack S.r.l. • Via Borghetto, 4 –  47923 Rimini – Italy
Tel. +39 0541 728208

OMAS TECNOSISTEMI S.P.A. – Via Edison, 39 – 20023 Cerro Maggiore (MI) Italy
Tel. +39 0331422767


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