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IMA Safe robotic feeding system for the most demanding packaging

Progress requires foresight and not jumping the gun. We have long chosen to always draw on our widely established experiences because they give us the confidence to look to the future whilst knowing who we are.

Lines characterised by high automation, new fragile and complex products to be packaged at high speed, highly customised presentations for the specific use required by the end consumer. A new scenario has driven IMA Safe to develop and evolve robotic solutions designed to handle these types of projects. That’s why IMA Safe is once again ready to be a real partner for its customers, even in face of the toughest challenges.

Easy handling of challenging products

Packaging has radically transformed in recent years, requiring increasingly high technological expertise in order to offer solutions that can guarantee flexibility and high performance even in complex situations.

High-speed product stacking Different package presentations on the same machine Unstable or irregularly shaped products
Different product feeding in a confined space Hard-to-accumulate products infeed Products with special positioning in the package


Versatility in complete design line

The application of robotic solutions is able to intervene in cases where space is a limiting factor and a multitude of functions are required.

IMA Safe designs 100% in-house robotic solutions for secondary packaging.

Choosing an IMA solution means making the most of incomparable advantages throughout the project and in machine performance.

  • Consolidated technologies: 2 or 4 axis robots long consolidated in the IMA portfolio for deep thermoforming and vertical cartoning
  • A single programming language for machine and robot: quick and simple design and installation, more customisation
  • Only 1 HMI: integration of all functions and ease of use for the operator
  • 100% IMA after-sales service: a single contact for 360° support

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