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Strips complete packaging line

Hygiene, safety, protection, prevention. These words are increasingly resonant today.

They play an ever greater role in our lives. Packaging is also changing, leaning towards disposable packages. ​

IMA offers its many years of experience, responding once again to the market with a comprehensive solution of packaging lines. Capable of handling and managing Blow Fill & Seal products from primary packaging to end of line. ​

BFS packaging line

IMA can meet any line composition requirement. From simple configurations to those requiring special product presentations.

Line B

Single-dose products are often irregularly shaped and complex to handle. They also require flexibility of management: sometimes packaging is required immediately after filling, at others a period of quarantine is needed. Top Loading Systems offer this extreme flexibility. ​

Renowned as a leading supplier in the field of labelling machines IMA Life designed the Sensitive AP400 BFS combining high accuracy in BFS strips handling, maximum precision in label application and excellent performance in terms of speed, which is a key issue when dealing with this type of containers.

To further preserve product safety and hygiene, an additional level of protection, the flowpack, is often required. IMA offers widely established and perfected systems for high speed hermetic packaging of this type of product.

In the cartoning phase, the broad range of IMA solutions enables full carton customisation based on specific requirements. ​

Carton dimensions, stacked products and the addition of accessories are just some examples of the modules that can be added to lines.

IMA offers a variety of end of line solutions based on production speed and packaging characteristics. Case packers and palletizers are offered in both stand-alone and integrated versions, with a view to guaranteeing IMA’s customary high standards whilst taking up as little space as possible. ​

Versatile and modular line concept​.

IMa solutions are based on modular concept. The line can be completely customized in terms of number of packaging steps and optional equipment.


Economic results and social benefits are complementary objectives through which IMA has always generated value for the company, for customers, employees, suppliers and for the entire community.

Starting from innovation, IMA ZERO is the very latest promise to create products, production processes and services, benefitting from a renewed logic of sustainability and from the awareness that IMA’s commitment today will help to shape the world of tomorrow.