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IMA Perfect Pack designs and manufactures automatic sachet and stick machines working with intermittent system as well as complete packaging lines.

The high quality and the unique techniques make the equipments well appreciated and utilized in the major industrial branches: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical, chemical, to produce both high quality standard and customised packages.

IMA Perfect Pack is proud to offer to its customers an excellent and prompt customer service to guarantee accurate and efficient feedback to fully satisfy even the most demanding packaging needs.

Discover and customise your complete sachet and stick packaging line

A wide choice of flexible sachet and stick machines, cartoners and comprehensive end of line solutions


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  • Sachet packaging
    Sachet packaging
  • Stick packaging
    Stick packaging

Sachet packaging machine

IMA Perfect  Pack sachet machines can handle all types of product. From paste products to fluid  products, powders, objects and accessories such as wipes. For special applications, it is possible to feed a cap in 3/4-seal sachets or in doypacks. Application with zip is available as well. These features make the machines particularly suitable for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.

Example of high-speed sachet packaging line

An example of line solution to reach high production volumes with the maximum efficiency guaranteed. Two sachet packaging machines, BETA 500, are installed in line and are able to reach an overall output up to 1400 sachets/min.

The CLA stacking and transfer systems are able to properly absorb the entire production output from the primary packaging machines and transfer it to the high-speed DYNAMICA cartoner. Once the sachets are packaged, the AP400 TE 3T labeller applies the tamper evident label on the carton. The end-of-line integrated machine, CP18-FLEX, packs the cartons in cases and places them on a pallet.

Stick packaging machines

Stick packaging machines use new and advanced technology to guarantee high performances.
High productivity guaranteed, maximum flexibility for any product configuration, extremely quick and easy size changeovers and cleaning operations.

Example of stick packaging line

IMA can provide complete and efficient packaging lines characterized by a high versatility, modularity according to every type of request. The intermittent vertical stick packaging machines use new and advanced technologies that provide top quality standards in productivity, versatility, size change and ease of cleaning. Along with a wide range of flexible cartoners and comprehensive “end of line solutions” IMA can provide stick packaging lines with all your desires in mind.

Clean Rooms

Clean rooms with controlled temperature and humidity are available to carry out tests and FATs, simulating the same conditions of the final production and working environment.


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