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Counting Technologies

Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, vitamins and confectionery products need to be dosed into containers for sale. IMA Counting Solutions combine cutting-edge technology with extensive experience to design and deliver the market's best automatic machines for filling bottles with solid products.

This is possible thanks to the experience gained from a variety of companies that have a long  history in counting technology such as IMA Swiftpack and IMA North America. IMA is the only company capable of supplying such a vast range of products and solutions for tablet and capsule counting. A long-standing experience in counting.

IMA is the only company offering complete lines of counting machines:

unscramblers, desiccant inserters, bottle blowers, cottoners, cappers, tablet elevators and of course electronic and slat tablet counting machines, the heart of our production.

Unsclamber Dessicant Inserter Tablet/Capsule Counting Cotton Isertion Capper Induction Sealer Retorquer

Counting Technologies for electronic counting machines

Optical sensor

Very reliable and accurate, infrared emitter and receiver is able to scan at very high rate (16 scans per millisecond). A detected product that falls between minimum and maximum Dark Time is considered a good product and counted. Sensors can detect and count two tablets falling closely together but not completely overlapped.

E.F.S. (Electrostatic field sensor)

Suitable for dusty products, E.F.S. is a unique sensor control able to discriminate between referenced good product and broken tablets, empty or half empty capsules. The mass of the tablet is given by a reference curve. E.F.S. is a dust resistant sensor. The system is suitable to handle both capsules and tablets and it is dust immune.

The table below indicates the detection capabilities of the optical and E.F.S. sensors for different tablet/capsule damage and scenarios. If they are not detected then they will be counted as a good product, if they are detected then the machine will reject the bottle containing that product.
  Half tablet or capsule Capped tablet Tablet chip Double tablet Double tablet Part of tablet Empty capsule Half empty capsule
Tests with active product are needed in order to confirm definitive results.

Additional equipment: Camera Vision System

Counting machines can be equipped with Camera Vision System to detect cross contamination (products with different colours).

Counting Technologies for slat Counting Machines

Trucount scanning System

The revolutionary TruCount® high speed tablet scanning system scans, evaluates and counts the product before it enters the bottle and ensures 100% count accuracy. Rather than using a vision system, the TruCount® provides a fully integrated count verification system that is reliable, easy to set up and eliminates the need for operators. A large array of photo diodes and detectors scan the product at nearly 2000 times per second after the tablet leaves the slat. Tablets are fully contained within the manifold to ensure that counted tablets enter the bottle.

Only one supplier for your highly efficient counting lines

IMA can provide complete and efficient packaging lines characterized by a high versatility, modularity according to every type of request. Together with IMA SAFE, IMA LIFE and IMA BFB we can provide a comprehensive counting and packaging solution that covers primary packaging, secondary packaging, and end-of-line solutions.

IMA SAFE grants to you 100% IN-HOUSE SOLUTIONS to satisfy any request for the containment of solid pharmaceutical shapes in blister packaging. The reliability of our feeding systems reduces to a minimum the intervention of the operator within the cabin of containment and its accessibility and smooth surface simplify cleaning procedures.



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