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Our expertise, in a video

We have decided to narrate our identity. Stay tuned and discover what day by day distinguishes us as market leader, whatever the future of packaging brings.


Chapter 01 / #highcustomizedlines

For over 50 years, IMA Safe has been investing in developing its internal know-how to offer solutions capable of satisfying every market need, maturing over time with unparalleled flexibility in the development of totally customized lines.

Chapter 02 / #originalparts

IMA size parts are the IMA machines' heart because, thanks to the deep and sophisticated design made by our specialists, they are precisely what allows to obtain efficiencies close to 100%.

Chapter 03 / #reliability

Thanks to specific know-how developed over the years and a dedicated supply network for high quality components, IMA Safe has distinguished itself for providing incredibly long-lasting machines.

Chapter 04 / #blisterexperts

A specific IMA Safe department is dedicated to product feeding solutions.
It’s the result of 50 years’ experience in the blister packaging industry with more than 10.000 feeding units supplied wordwide.