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Chapter 04 / #blisterexperts

50 years of experience

  • Result of 50 years’ experience in the blister packaging industry
  • More than 10.000 feeding units supplied wordwide

A specific IMA Safe department is dedicated to product feeding solutions and includes several test rooms conforming to GMP guidelines for product feeding under controlled environmental conditions to simulate the real customers’ production ones.

Solutions are based on each unique product.



It's a combination of technology and detailed research

IMA Safe feeding systems mean:

  • Continuous motion
  • Maximum efficiency guaranteed
  • Simplicity & robustness
  • Tailor made and designed

Our specialists, in order to obtain unparalleled feeding performances, do not only work on the feeding system itself, but devote a deep study to the pocket forming. Only combining a perfect work of release of the product and a careful pocket design we can achieve the best possible result.

IMA Feeding Systems
Completely customizable