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Chapter 03 #reliability

Long lasting machines

Thanks to specific know-how developed over the years and a dedicated supply network for high quality components, IMA Safe has distinguished itself for providing incredibly long-lasting machines.

Efficiency is at the foundation of our machine design approach, but it is in total reliability and performance persistence that we really make the difference in guaranteeing a true long term impact.

It’s a long-term relationship

The purchase of an IMA Safe machine is always the beginning of a long-term relationship. Not only with the machine itself, thanks to its resiliance, but also with IMA staff, always ready to advise you and support you in any new challenge that the future may present.

Adaptability and integrability with new technologies are in fact the basis of the design of each IMA machine.

360° support

IMA Safe provides 360° support:

  • We work before the purchase to build tailor-made projects based on customer’s needs 
  • We assist with every step of the installation and commissioning process of the machine
  • We provide dedicated training for each piece of equipment
  • We grant after-sales assistance and support the upgrade of the machine to keep up with the evolution of the customer’s company

Always ready to help with format applications, machine upgrades, retrofit and integration of innovative equipment to pre-existing lines.