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Post published on 02/11/2021

The latest evolution of an authentic best seller

Its name has changed over the decades, as well as the applied technologies which make it an integral part of them.
But the pillars on which this twin-nozzle tubefiller has based its solid reputation since 1971 (year of his birth) still and proudly remain the same: sturdiness, ease of use and reliability. That all combined to an outstanding propensity to adapt itself to any production environments: pharma, cosmetics, foodstuff and chemical.
Essential values of this «constantly evolving» model, always up to date – while not losing sight of its innate simplicity in design. Now also available with an a fully servo-driven dosing pump, suitable to achieve maximum performance, whatever the product to be filled.

CD180 is now available with fully servo-driven dosing pump

That makes available a convenient setup – by HMI – of stroke, acceleration and deceleration for both dosing pistons, which are independently driven. That all, in combination with servo-controlled 3-way valves and diving injectors.

According to filling volume, tube dimensions and product viscosity, by CD180 the achievement of most suitable working conditions for the dosing pump is made easy and repeatable, whatever is the product to be filled.


CD180 offers an outstanding choice of tube loading options



  • compact
  • easy to run



Indipendent ergonomic

  • suitable to hold up to no. 4 tube boxes
  • no size parts needed for changeover




Fully robotized

  • innovative tube clamping by stainless steel fingers
  • extended range (holding up to no. 12 tube boxes)
  • easy to program by tube size


CD180 is proudly based on turntable lay-out

Our new generation of turntable-based tubefillers is the final result of 50+ years experience within the global tube filling industry, always granting:

  • compact footprint
  • full access from all four sides
  • cleanability in case of overfilling
  • easy adjustment of folding and sealing jaws
  • room for ancillary devices retrofit
  • exploiting of all working stations

CD 180 - Automatic tube filler

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