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Persons' training and development

IMA considers continuing education a strategic resource. So IMA’s investment in this area is not limited to the starter training given to new hires, but is maintained over time, with the aim of encouraging professional growth and individual motivation. For IMA, investing in human capital also means establishing ongoing and mutually profitable relationships with schools and universities, in order to transfer skills and provide young people opportunities for growth and development.

The average training hours provided to each employee by Group companies came to 21.5 hours in 2018 and concerned specialist training, professional updating, occupational safety, managerial development, foreign languages and issues related to Legislative Decree 231/2001 (for Italy).



In North America, there are several initiatives to improve the training and professional growth of the people who work in the Group, such as technical and administrative training, language courses, safety, first aid, awareness on the issue of sexual harassment and diversity in the workplace. In Europe, the main training sessions were on safety, technical skills and control of export processes, along with language courses. Lastly, in Asia, training for the entire company population was mainly focused on improving their knowledge of the English language. Technical training is provided for newly hired personnel.



Since research and constant innovation underpin the IMA philosophy, it is necessary to develop the skills of employees in accordance with these principles.

The Academy of the IMA Group is a training ecosystem in process of formation. It was inaugurated in 2017 in response to the need to transfer general skills into IMA skills, combining plain knowing with knowing how. Various tools are used to implement the road map for developing the skills of the Group’s human resources:

job descriptions, that describe the corporate roles and skills mapping;
training catalogue, an organized compendium of training paths that could potentially be taken, comprising over 245 courses;
IMA masters, a combination of classroom and on-the-job training, designed to qualify and perfect the abilities and professional skills of Group employees: I’MA Potential, aimed at new recruits, and I’MA Talent, currently in preparation, for the development of managerial skills to consolidate values and organizational drivers;
training maintenance, the long-term planning of training needed to maintain staff skills in line with their role.

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