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Personnel training and development

IMA considers training and skills development processes to be a strategic asset, investing in the idea that training activities should be aimed at the entire population and not at a specific professional target, ensuring the harmonious and synergistic growth of a distinctive corporate competence. Training therefore aims to develop and maintain people’s skills, while continuing to ensure support for the development and implementation of new technologies.

The Training Maintenance process guarantees continuous updating of employees’ skills by planning the educational path over several years, in line with the evolution of the Company’s business. The pandemic situation that broke out in 2020 has had, and continues to have, an impact on training management as well. The delivery methods have been transformed and improved to better manage situational contingencies with increased training carried out in synchronous virtual classrooms through various online platforms; this method made it possible to continue the provision of distance learning in a safe and effective way and was maintained in 2021 as well. In addition, access to on-demand learning was made available with selection from a series of courses contained in the Training Catalogue. In total, more than 40 courses were recorded to be used in this way.

During 2021 IMA, joining the initiative promoted by the Metalworking unions of the province of Bologna, organised a training / information meeting with Prof. Vittorio Sambri, professor of Microbiology at the University of Bologna and Director of the Microbiology Unit of the AUSL of the Romagna, on issues related to COVID19 vaccination. The meeting was attended by members of the IMA S.p.A. RLS / RSU COVID-19 Protocol Committee who also asked questions collected from employees. The Company, in agreement with RSU / OO.SS, has made the recording of this meeting available to all employees of the Italian companies of the IMA Group as a training moment, using the continuous training hours provided for by the CCNL.
It was therefore possible to access the contents of the recording during contractual working hours as well, in concordance with the technical-productive-organisational needs of the relevant entity. Additionally, 8 hours of cross-functional training in the area of soft skills were made available in Italy during 2021. Employees can access these e-learning sessions at any time.
Overall, approximately 137,655 hours of training were provided in 2021, an increase of 16.8%. Globally, the average number of hours’ training per employee was 22. Most of the training was dedicated to the development of soft skills (35.3% of total hours delivered), but the training catalogue also includes courses on design (12.6%), safety (19.1%), production (9.9%), quality/standards (7.2%), ICT (5.1%) and languages (10.5%). The areas of intervention are divided into more than 300 courses in the Training Catalogue.

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