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Health and Safety

The attention to workers’ health and safety in the workplace at IMA Group companies is constant and is reflected in the Company’s policy, which forms part of the system for the Safety at Work Management System of IMA S.p.A., signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In 2016, the Parent Company IMA S.p.A. certified its Safety at Work Management System according to the most prestigious international standard: the British Standard BS OHSAS 18001. Corazza SpA and Gima TT SpA also obtained the same certification during the year, while Gima SpA is close to achieving it.

Workers’ participation is high and constant, also guaranteed by Workers’ Safety Representatives designated by the employees: in total, the Parent Company IMA S.p.A. has 17 representatives compared with the legal minimum of 6.

 A Safety Officer has also been appointed at all of the other Group companies in Italy.

Staff training and involvement are the basis for the entire Safety at Work Management System, with a view to creating a genuine “safety culture”. The total hours of training given at Group companies in the field of safety at work in 2016 came to 20,056 hours (12,015 in 2015).

There were 17 accidents in the workplace in 2016 (except while commuting) – 10 at IMA S.p.A. and 7 at other Group companies in Italy – compared with 28 in 2015 (18+10) out of a total of 4,160,241 hours worked (+7% on a total of 3,883,976 hours worked in 2015).

With regard to the Group’s production companies outside Italy, in 2016 a frequency index of 11.2 and a severity index of 0.2 were recorded.

Also in 2016, the increasing sensitivity of the IMA Group staff was confirmed in reporting near accidents and potential hazards, with a number of 36 events reported among all Group companies, again higher than the 2015 figure (33 events reported) and in any case significantly higher than in 2014 (14).

As regards work-related diseases, there are no categories of workers particularly exposed to specific risks on the basis of differences in gender, age or ethnicity. However, IMA has taken further steps in favour of travelling staff. The risk conditions that technicians may encounter at their destination are verified by means of a specific questionnaire sent to the buyers and returned before the employee’s departure. Further prevention and protection measures are also provided if deemed necessary.

All employees of IMA SpA are included by the company in an insurance policy which guarantees that they have coverage in the event of serious illness.

The plan allows employees to pay an extra premium to extend this coverage to close members of the family.