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Social Sustainability

Professional growth, quality of the work environment and collective well-being are all part of industry's responsibility towards society. IMA is committed to ensuring them through training, prevention and investment in the local territory.

Social Sustainability

People represent a real capital for IMA. People are continually stimulated and are accompanied toward personal and professional growth that is aligned with the culture of the Company, its role as a producer of economic and social value.

IMA promotes training and active involvement for the purpose of capacity building and the empowerment of employees and collaborators.

IMA also promotes:

respect for work and workers, avoiding all forms of discrimination and guaranteeing full compliance with Fundamental Human Rights, according to the principles contained in the UN Declaration on Human Rights
equal opportunities, aimed at enhancing the value of diversity, as an element that can remove the economic and social obstacles that restrict the freedom of the individual in application of the principle of substantial equality and respect for individual dignity.

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