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Global Policy for product quality and liability

IMA’s strategy aims to create profit to remunerate its shareholders, but also economic value for all of its stakeholders. This is based on the primary objective of IMA’s business: end-user satisfaction.

Continuous investment in technology and constant improvement in the quality and reliability of products allowed IMA to open new foreign branches, create joint ventures with other industry players and partnerships in the academic and scientific field; in this way, IMA is able to serve its end-users more and more quickly and efficiently, obtaining a competitive advantage.
Behind these characteristics lie the ability and commitment to propose to the market and to customers solutions related to the Company’s values, which are oriented towards:

• promoting a culture of Quality to ensure products and services of the highest possible level and safety and reliability over time of its solutions;

• investing in the Research and Development of programs for innovative services, designing technologically advanced solutions with a lower environmental impact;

• implementing responsible and integrated management of the Supply Chain in economic, social and environmental terms;

promoting or joining projects and initiatives for the development of Local Economies in the communities in which IMA operates.



End-user satisfaction is the final expression of a company strategy aimed at Sustainability, in which all of the Group’s resources are involved by taking part in company processes.

Consolidated revenue in 2018 amounted to 1,500.37 million euros, an overall increase of 13.6%, of which 8.5% due to the organic growth, with respect to the previous year.
As regards the trend in revenue by sector, note that the Tea, Food & Other sector recorded an increase in revenue of 13.9%, the Pharma sector showed growth of 11.6%, while the Tobacco sector turned in growth of 20.5%.


CUSTOMERS BY SECTOR (consolidated sales – mn €)

  2017 RESTATED 2018
millions of € AMOUNT % AMOUNT %

% Change

Tea, Food & Other 602.57 45.6 % 686.17 45.7% 13.9 %
Pharma 565.87 42.9 % 631.27 42.1 % 11.6 %
Tobacco packaging 151.76 11.5 % 182.93 12.2 % 20.5 %
TOTAL 1,320 100 % 1,500.37 100 % 13.6 %

Export revenue accounts for more than 88%, growing in all areas, with particular emphasis on Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. About 70% of revenue were generated by plant and machines, while 30% came from after-sales activities (support, spares, kits etc.).




  2017 RESTATED 2018
millions of € AMOUNT % AMOUNT % % Change
European Union (excluding Italy) 400.87 30.4 % 450.01 30.0 % 12.3 %
Other European countries 107.60 8.1 % 114.97 7.7 % 6.8 %
North America 225.3o 17,1 % 241.13 16.1 % 7.0 %
Asia & Middle East 290.44 22.0 % 375.66 25.0 % 29.3 %
Other countries 133.39 10.1 % 150.95 10.0 % 13.2 %
Total exports 1,157.60 87.7 % 1,332.72 88.8 % 15.1 %
Italy 162.60 12.3 % 167.65 11.2 % 3.1 %
Total 1,320.20 100 % 1,500.37 100 % 100 %



Communication with end-users and operators in the reference sector (Trade Press) takes place through media relations activities: this includes the preparation, dissemination and follow-up of product press releases, editorials and case histories for industry magazines and portals. Editorial material is produced in collaboration with the Marketing Departments of the Group’s main sectors.

At the time of the main trade fairs, where the IMA Group exhibits, press releases are prepared with information and photos of the new products on display. Press packs are available to journalists visiting IMA’s stand and at the trade fair’s press room. IMA also organizes press tours during the Group’s main events (open house events, new office inaugurations, etc.) and regularly publishes advertising pages on the main Italian and international trade publications, as well as banners and e-news, especially during major exhibitions. In 2017, no complaints were received about breaches of customer privacy.



A high level of after sales service, made possible by a worldwide network, has always been the focus of IMA’s customer-oriented policy. A significant proportion of Group revenue, namely 30%, is in fact generated by the after-sales services: the provision of spare parts and equipment is, in fact, a high value-added activity that is recurrent and typically with high margins.

IMA’s after-sales service structure fosters the consolidation of relationships with customers, basing them on transparency and maximum satisfaction. The quality of original spare parts, together with the very high professionalism of technicians, provide customers with the best possible conditions for the maintenance and operation of the machines, ensuring their maximum efficiency and reliability.

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