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Decades of experience in packaging technologies and the broadest coverage of the tea and coffee sectors makes IMA your privileged partner for the most effective solutions and the deepest understanding of your real needs. Discover our machines on show!

C24-IQ - Tea Bag Packaging

Born to be the fastest teabag packaging machine for the production of the IMA iconic knotted teabag, the new C24 IQ offers the very latest technologies achieving top efficiency performance. 
Reaching up to 450 bags per minute, in any configuration, it encompasses an outstanding compact and clean design guaranteeing a substantial reduction of overhanging parts and therefore a consequent extraordinary decrease in cleaning operations. 


C24-IQ - Tea Bag Packaging

EC15 - Tea Bag Packaging

The EC15 is the first double chamber tea bag packaging machine by IMA Maisa. The EC15 filter bag is based on a traditional non heatsealable double chamber bag and guarantees optimum infusion efficiency enabling the natural tea aroma to flow out. 
No metal staple or additional packaging materials are required to fix the bag to the tag and the cotton thread. Fixing is achieved by two simple knots. This innovative feature avoids the presence of metals during infusion, whilst guaranteeing, at the same time, a discerning and functional filter bag. 


EC15 - Tea Bag Packaging

Synkro - Coffee capsule filling and sealing line

Synkro is IMA Coffee fastest technology for coffee capsule filling and sealing. With its high degree of automation in a compact design, it can handle all types of capsules, whatever material they are made of – aluminum, plastic, compostable materials. 
Thanks to its innovative capsule transfer system based on the use of independent magnetic shuttles, it guarantees high flexibility, allowing different dwell times at each operating station. 

During the event there will be many machine demos on SYNKRO: take a look at the agenda >>


Synkro - Coffee capsule filling and sealing line

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