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In a market as demanding and quality-oriented as the personal care sector, IMA with its vast experience and technical expertise spanning over five decades can offer the most effective solutions and cater to the widest possible needs. Discover our machines on show!

C1290 - Automatic tube filler

Based on larger turntable with 12 working stations, it is marked by user-friendly control logics, easy changeover and quick disassembly of contact parts. It is available with a wide choice of tube loading devices: integrated within machine perimeter, independent ergonomic loader or robotized tube feeder.   
Innovative features of the C1290 include the cleaning station placed in vertical position, re-designed turntable adjustment, batch data collection – by pen drive – via USB port and 12” operator panel. 
The C1290 reaches a production speed of 90 tubes per minute. 


C1290 - Automatic tube filler

HYWRAP20 - High speed overwrapping machine

The machine is a hybrid solution suitable for wrapping with paper, traditional plastic material (OPP), compostable and recyclable films, without changing its configuration or components depending on the material. 
When wrapping with paper, for example, the machine does not require external gluing units, which would make the gluing areas inaccurate and increase the amount of glue required for sealing, consumption and maintenance costs. 
The HYWRAP20 stands out for its ease of use by operators, for the reduction in consumption, for the quality of the packs produced and for its extremely reduced and accessible layout. 

HYWRAP20 - High speed overwrapping machine

CPH2-RP2 - Integrated case packer palletizer

The machine has been designed to handle the widest range of products and materials used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and non-pharmaceutical industries. The 830mm high case magazine ensures easy loading of cases and provides the best ergonomic solution available on the market. 
The machine facilitates access for maintenance and for cleaning operations and guarantees complete and easy line clearance. The palletizing area is based around a 6-axis robot which picks up incoming cases. Associated functionality including ink-jet printing and labelling or check-weighing will be completed at high speed. 

CPH2-RP2 - Integrated case packer palletizer


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